The Perfect Holiday Gift: Treat Your Pet Like a Celebrity

by Michael Scivoli

The Perfect Holiday Gift: Treat Your Pet Like a Celebrity

It’s no secret that many of us always have a bit of trouble searching for that perfect gift every year. If your pet at home feels like a part of your family, Michael Todd Pet Photography can help send your friends and family members your pet’s portrait on a holiday card. Michael is a professional photographer who has spent over ten years photo directing and photographing celebrities. Now he is using his talent to capture the charm and personality of your pet.

Being a pet owner himself, Michael understands that your pet is an important part of your household. If your four-legged friend is the star of his next photo shoot, you’ll be able to apply the images to dozens of gift options. You also have the option of buying a gift card for a friend to have portraits of their pet taken, which also makes for a great holiday present.

Photo shoots usually take about an hour or so, and Michael encourages you to bring your companion’s favorite toy. You also have the option of either shooting at his studio, or on location at your own home. Show your appreciation for the cats and dogs who brighten our days by putting the focus on them, you’ll be surprised at how much they enjoy the limelight.

To book your photoshoot or to purchase a gift card, visit Michael’s website or call 917-716-9048. And be sure to check out Michael’s advertorial in the Digest’s Fourth Annual Holiday Gift and Charity Guide.


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