Valet King NJ Residential Program: Easier Hoboken Parking

by Michael Scivoli

It’s no secret that most of us drivers are reluctant to give up the privilege of being behind the wheel. I enjoy a cruise down Washington to visit my favorite eatery, but the parking leaves something to be desired. In Hoboken, we have to rely on taxis, parking garages, and , our parallel parking skills, that is if you ever manage to find a spot. Considering that there are over 52,000 residents here in Hoboken (which skyrocketed from about 38,000 in 2000) and just 8,900 curbside spaces, parking is a nightmare. With all the development in the area, you can bet parking on the street isn’t about to get easier.

Recently, Valet King NJ has been taking the pressure off those of us who want to have our car and drive it too. Valet King is Hoboken’s first citywide valet concierge service. For prices starting at $15, just give them a buzz ten minutes prior to arriving at your Hoboken destination and they’ll park your car in one of their nearby garages. Once you’re ready to head home, a valet will bring your car back to you. Starting approximately May/June 2015, Valet King plans to offer a more extensive program to those who live in the area and want a similar service for everyday use.

“I want to help eliminate the congestion in our city,” said John Fuda, owner of Valet King. “Why should Hoboken’s residents be fighting for parking and paying citations?” I’d have to concur. The residential program Valet King NJ will unveil is a great way to alleviate some of our parking agony while adding a bit of convenience to boot. With a membership to the program your car will be secured in one of Valet King’s Hoboken garages, and returned to you when you’re ready to head to work. Afterall, who wants to deal with chipping ice off windshields, only to be plowed in moments later? Or worse, an unexpected trip to the body shop on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

With major developers buying up property in the area—something has to be done about the proverbial parking battle in H-Town. As John put it, “The time to do something about parking in our city is now.” The launch of the program is certainly eye-opening, because frankly, I’ve grown weary of double-parking. Is it worth it to spend half an hour each day circling your block only to carry your groceries from a few streets over? Add those hours up each week, each month, each year, factor in your commuting time, and the numbers are staggering. Those five second fantasies I’ve had of my car performing the magical act of parking itself are finally within my grasp. Perhaps it’s time to hang up our ice scrapers and bumper bullies.

With one of their garages located right near the PATH, it’s not such a bad deal—especially if you’re commuting every morning. While the program is now entering pre-signup, John let me know that the first 50 memberships will be marked down 20%. There will be several different packages to choose from, which include service for work, weekend or multiple day use. The service will be on a month to month—cancel anytime—basis.


For more info contact Valet King NJ: 512-626-3356 or [email protected]


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