Waiting Tables- The Missing Ingredient to a Six Figure Salary


Voltaire, Shakespeare, and complicated equations about candy bars are all useful things you learn in a classroom, but not quite the same as the lessons you learn in the restaurant industry. Personally, I believe everyone should work in a restaurant at some point. It teaches you about humility, hard work and confidence. As a college graduate, I appreciate what the very expensive educational my institution gave me, but now more than ever, the skills I value the most are the ones I learned outside the classroom.  Working in the restaurant industry can train you in ways that no diploma can measure.  But what you don’t know is that your job waiting tables could propel you to that six figure salary you’ve always dreamed of.

1) The Appropriate Amount to Tip: “Did you really just leave a dollar tip?” Time and time again, I’ve witnessed this happen. Even when the poor fool is stumbling over taking drink orders or running food, I still tip at least 15 percent. It takes courage to show up to work and be that bad!

*This will be an admirable trait when you start having business meetings.

 2) The importance of Manners: This a “hands-on” industry. Regardless of your position, you will learn the value of hard work. You earn your tips in more ways than one. You must also understand that you are there to SERVE an array of patrons. Some will brighten your day with their kindness and others will test your patience but you must always remain graceful and courteous.That should teach you a bit about humility and respect.

*A well respected professional understands the power of modesty.

 3) Malleability: You will meet ALL different types of characters. It is up to you have a stimulating conversation with a Type “A” Sheldon and then give advice to a Regular Rhonda.

*Working with team will be no problem once you’ve mastered this skill.

 4) Confidence Building: Day in and day out, you have to entertain and communicate with people. Reviews about you become almost more important as the drinks you serve.

*Your people await you.

5) Have Fun: “Life’s tough, get a helmet.” You will find that this industry surrounds you with people who, through all of life’s hardships, know that taking a step back and enjoying everyone’s company is the best solution.


 You won’t learn these skills sitting in the classroom. That said, if you work in a restaurant in college, you will be equipped with knowledge that will carry you into your professional career. This industry has a way of challenging you both externally and internally, enabling you to grow as an individual.

Let’s face it. If you’ve worked in a restaurant at some point, chances are..You’re pretty awesome!

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