You Are What You Drink- What your cocktail says about your weekend personality


Which Weekend Cocktail Are you?  You are what you drink!

Georgia Peach!

The “You said you’d be ready in 10 minutes an hour ago!” Weekender- That person who takes HOURS to look fabulous.

This very meticulously prepared cocktail might require a bit more time to make due to its delicious fresh peaches, but this is no demure drink. It is a whiskey-based cocktail, lightly sweetened by fresh fruit and herbs.

                                     Available at The Stewed Cow


The One Drink Weekender- “I’ll only have one drink”

With its unbelievably wonderful taste, this sangria will convince you that one glass is never enough, so don’t be surprised when you notice the empty pitcher. Do not fret. There’s still the remaining fruit.

             Available at Mikie Squared

El Diablo!

The Limelight Weekender- This social butterfly greets the entire room and is always surrounded by a crowd. (These may or may not be strangers.)

You know who are, you little devil, you!  A mix of Jalapeno Tequila and Jalapenos makes for a hot, hot, hot weekender.

Available at 1Republik

Last Man Standing!

The “I should’ve gone home after happy hour” Weekender- That one person who drinks too much at happy hour, and rationalizes that continuing into the night is a great idea, even when everybody else has already gone home. The same applies for brunch.

It is no surprise that this cocktail is vodka based. Great stories come from vodka — you just won’t be the one telling them.

    Available at Victory Bar

Coors Light!

The Parental Weekender- The one person that unnecessarily feels the need to oversee everything. They normally don’t drink much, have unsolicited opinions, and usually end the night in two ways — holding someone’s hair back OR in bed by twelve.

Can also be Bud Light or Miller Lite. These light beers are sure to help you play it safe.

                                            Available Everywhere!


As for myself, I am a Long Island Ice Tea, the cocktail of bad ideas that can be found everywhere. Your Typical Weekender.


Which drink are you?



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