Take Control of Your Family’s Future

With a fixed interest rate annuity at 5% with tax-deferred growth and potential money to pass on to your family.

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Earn More and Secure a Higher Stream of Income When You Retire

Don’t leave your financial future to the volatile markets.

The New York Life Secure Term Fixed Annuity II is a safe, innovative financial solution that guarantees an ongoing income stream during retirement and continues on for the rest of your life.

What Is a Fixed Annuity and How Can it Benefit You?

A fixed annuity locks you into an interest rate of earning that grows (5%) that doesn’t get affected by the economy or financial markets. This means when you retire, you will begin receiving income. Even if you pass away, these payments can continue on to your spouse or heirs.

Achieve Your Highest Retirement Potential the Safe Way

A fixed annuity is recession-proof.

The New York Life Secure Term Fixed Annuity II protects your investment against the risk of market loss. No matter what, your rate of return will be unaffected.

Know in Advance How Much Income Your
Annuity Will Pay Out

New York Life Secure Term MVA Fixed Annuity II6

Premium Amount

3 Year



$50,000 - $99,999


$25,000 - $49,999


$5,000 - $24,999