3 Reasons to Love This Naturally Hygienic Cutting Board

by Abby Montanez

There’s been a debate about whether wood or plastic is safer when it comes to cutting boards. The latter can be thrown in the dishwasher, but wood is actually easier to clean and more sanitary overall. Camphor Laurel timber out of Australia is praised for its antibacterial properties. So what happens when you use it as a manufacturing material? You get a naturally hygienic cutting board. 

Australian-based company Fab Slabs are in the business of creating naturally and permanently antibacterial cutting boards from their native Camphor Laurel trees. Not only are these high-quality boards fun to cook with, they’re super functional, eco-friendly and keep bacteria growth at bay. Next to a kitchen sponge, your cutting board can be one of the dirtiest items in your home. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. And after trying it out for myself, here are three reasons to love this naturally hygienic cutting board. 

1. It’s naturally (and permanently) antibacterial

Fab Slabs are made from Camphor Laurel, a native tree species found in abundance across Australia. The timber itself is unique in that it contains a natural antibacterial oil. In combination with a special drying process involving a kiln, Fab Slabs boards remain permanently antibacterial. 

During a study conducted by Austalia’s National Association of Testing Authorities, repeated attempts were made to grow four of the most common food viruses on top of Fab Slabs. This included E. coli, Salmonella, Staph and Listeria. In all cases, bacteria was unable to survive, and further testing showed that even after seven to 10 years of use, there was zero bacteria growth. 

So what does owning a naturally hygienic cutting board mean for you? Less time cleaning, and of course, peace of mind even during the most uncertain of times.

hygienic cutting board

Fab Slabs USA Facebook

2. It’s individually handcrafted, so every board is unique

The natural coloration of Camphor Laurel is pretty enough on its own. But since each board is made using a single high-quality slab of tree, they can individually vary in character and tone. Not only does that make the cooking experience more fun, but also, a bit more personal. 

To care for it, make sure to give the board a good wash with hot soapy water and allow it to air dry completely. When it looks dull, you can lightly apply any type of edible oil.

3. It’s eco-friendly but still durable 

Camphor Laurel trees are an invasive “environmental weed” according to Australia’s local and state governments. Essentially, they add little value to their surroundings compared to their counterparts. However, in the creation and production of cutting boards using Camphor Laurel trees, Fab Slabs is able to support the local and regional economy. They’re 100 percent Australian made and each naturally hygienic cutting board is milled, kiln dried and manufactured within one hour of Brisbane. 

Fab Slabs don’t sacrifice quality for sustainability. The kiln drying process prevents the boards from warping, twisting, cracking or getting moldy. 

hygienic cutting board

Photo by Abby Montanez

Want to learn more about this naturally hygienic cutting board? Visit the Fab Slabs website.

Main image via Fab Slabs USA Facebook

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