7 Poetry Books that Make You Cry

by Gianna Valdez

Similar to many other styles of writing, poetry has the capability of sparking emotionswhether they be positive or negative. Poets, like all people, struggle with specific aspects of life and rather than allowing it to defeat them, they rise. Through messages of hope or pain, words have the power to touch people. Ultimately, poets will use their way with words to create complex and simple phrases that resonate with the hearts of all their readers. This is what causes the flow of tears that could last for a second or an hour. Below are seven poetry books that will make you cry. 


1. Aphrodite Made Me Do It

By Trista Mateer

This stunning collection of poetry by Trista Mateer will trap your heart in the deep, raw reality of her world. As she dives into topics such as sexual assault, you get to view the world through the lenses of anotherwhich can be seen as a saddening task. However, through the tears that her words may bring, there is hope and a realization of it. 





2. Your Soul is a River

By Nikita Gill

Nikita Gill composed a beautiful, painful and striking collection of poetry with “Your Soul is a River. She details the healing process, which can be a difficult, yet rewarding one. Through her honest style, she will leave you with an infinite amount of hope. The tear-jerker moments are found in the words that you thought would have no effect on you. Take the poem, “Your Lonely Calls to Me”, for instance:


“Your lonely

Is so lovely. 

It makes me wonder 

how something 

so beautiful 

can be so very sad.”  


3. The Things We Don’t Talk About

By Anthony Martinez

Anthony Martinez created a haunting, honest book when he published “The Things We Don’t Talk About.” He encapsulates the experience that pain and sadness make you feel, however, the way he words it is simple. This simplicity is what brings life to the depth of it. You can read his words repeatedly and the message will only sink in deeper. 


“The pain is still the same

It burns through my chest and slowly eats away

I don’t want to feel this way

But I know there isn’t an escape

I’m trapped in this place”


4. Love and Everything In Between

By Martina Marie De Castro

“Love and Everything In Between” tells the story of romance, heartbreak and a longing for the past beauties. Through little phrases that hold meaning to author Martina Marie De Castro, she helps the reader bring themselves back to moments of their own love. Everyone has experienced pain in some type of way, however, it can be argued that heartbreak is the most painful one of all. Therefore, she shines a light on this pain and creates a tear-jerking understanding between herself and the reader. 


“Days will pass, will you remember the taste of my love?

I’d hear your heart on the radio,

It’s like playing Rocket to the Moon and then I thought of you”



By Ev Carron

Ev Carron’s emotional experiences with deep-rooted pain have birthed a beautiful collection of not only understanding but togetherness. She dealt with her own struggles in order to create a world where others feel less alone with theirs. It’s an extremely hard thing to do, however, she managed to deliver her words in a way that will shed tears of happiness. Without a doubt one of the best poetry books that make you cry. 


“why did you cut your hair short?

because it strangled me in my sleep

and i make enough nooses as it is.


why did you cut your hair short?

because i had to cut something

that wasn’t my wrists”



By Willow Winters

Willow Winters delivered a painful and striking collection of words when she wrote “Imperfect.” It tells of grief, of longing and pain, but also hope. There are so many terrible things in the world, and we lose much of the good, however, there are always infinities of hope for us. 


“Don’t leave me alone, I cried and I screamed.

Don’t leave me alone, my whole life demeaned.

You left me unguarded. My heart raw and bleeding.

You left me forever. The pain there left seething.

You left me here weak. Just a stone in the ground.

You left a place beside me, my pathetic life unbound.”


The Day I Stopped Waiting for You

By Charly Wilde

The Day I Stopped Waiting for You is composed of three parts and follows a journey of self-love and discovery. Written by Charly Wilde, this collection is open and honest in a way that could be difficult for others to express. However, Wilde did it perfectly and captured how hard, yet rewarding it is to awaken all the best parts of you. “The Day I Stopped Waiting for You” rounds out this list of poetry books that will make you cry. 

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