9 Social Media Marketing Ideas to Jump Start Your Marketing Campaign

by Staff

Over the last decade, the popularity of social media has given marketers a whole new set of tools and techniques to promote their products. Social media offers endless possibilities for marketers to get a product noticed by a large number of people. But, if you don’t know how to maximize those strategies, no matter what you do, you’ll waste your marketing budget.

Before you start to market on social media, you must create a social marketing plan. Once you set out on a well-thought-out plan, you’ll see the types of positive results that gamblers enjoy when they win SlotoCash Casino games.


There are many challenges to social media marketing. One of the hardest parts of a social media campaign involves pre-campaign brainstorming were you are tasked with coming up with a plan that will get your product noticed by potential buyers. It’s not easy to come up with fresh social media content on a regular basis. Yet the more quality content that your brand provides, the easier it will be to convert views into clicks. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to come up with new and engaging social media content on a regular basis.

You need to start by deciding how you want to use your social media platform. Is your goal to promote your product? Offer an inside look at your company? Send out PR material? Provide valuable information for the customer? Advertise?  Something else?

In order to optimize your social media, you need to define your goals BEFORE you open your campaign. It’s also important to remember that those goals may differ from one platform to the next. You may use Instagram to promote products, Twitter to solicit reviews and Facebook to provide customer service.  There’s no problem with that but you should be clear in your own mind about what you’re doing before you start working.

Some of social media marketers’ biggest dilemmas include:

  • How to convert followers into customers
  • How to use traffic from your social media platform to bring visitors to your website
  • How to attract more followers/attention
  • How to set up a blog and keep the blog running
  • How to manage PR on social media
  • How to integrate the various social media platforms so you end up with one smooth-performing network
  • How to find social media resources
  • How to create fresh content
  • How to keep social media marketing campaigns fresh


Some of the best ideas to help marketers increase engagement and boost through social media marketing include


The old dictum “a picture is worth a thousand words” is as true today as it ever was. Images are powerful and never more so than in a social media campaign.  That doesn’t mean that you should post pictures only of your product or service.  You need to be inventive.  Post some behind-the-scenes photos of the company, staff on a coffee break, unique ways that customers use your product, your cat stretched out next to your computer while you work at your desk, etc.  Such intimate, non-posed images help you build relationships with existing and potential customers so you attract new customers and retain old clients.

How-To Videos

Companies are increasingly using how-to videos to give people valuable content. How-to videos are big draws to allow the customer to get to know you and help you establish yourself as an expert in your field.  Videos are eye-catching and engaging pieces of content. They’re a perfect fit for social media platforms. There are plenty of how-to videos that tell you how to make a how-to video…..but in general, you should simply create a clip that breaks things down into actionable steps. Your viewer will get visual guidance as they learn more about your product.

The best thing about these videos is that they’re great for sharing. If you can put up valuable content, you can get your brand shared over and over again, not only among your old customers but to new people as well.


It’s nice to share user-generated content from your fans, followers and friends. By sharing user-generated content you build relationships with your social media contacts. At the same time, you present them with fresh perspectives on your brand.

One way to do this is to build and share your reviews.  AdWeek reports that, according to their research, consumers are most likely to purchase something based on other consumer recommendations.

Set up an easily accessible page for customer reviews and then share those reviews. You can screenshot reviews from one platform to other platforms and maximize each positive review about your product.


Everyone’s always looking for tips.  When you share tips you create an atmosphere in which you’ve seen as a helper. Share advice and tips and help people navigate through problems and issues to gain followers. Most importantly, sharing tips is a great way to demonstrate your expertise regarding your product.

Video Testimonials

Testimonials, like reviews, are a powerful way to get your message about your product’s superiority across. Written reviews are good but video testimonials are even better. They’re a good way to demonstrate to potential customers how others have found success with your product. You might even try to add a live element by interviewing a customer and then making the content available on your social media platform.


Partner with another brand to share your message.  Choose a company that offers a parallel service or product, but not a competitor. For example, if you are a wedding planner, partner with a floral designer, a caterer or an events hall.  You can even create several partnerships.  When any of you post something, all the partners should share the post. This allows you all to reach more audiences. Everyone wins with no extra effort.


People love to talk about themselves.  Promote a story campaign and optimize people’s natural inclination to read about themselves and about others.  Start a story by throwing out a question – “what’s your favorite quote?” “share a photo that has meaning to you, “summarize your outlook on life”, “share your favorite memory from childhood” etc) and then sit back as your audience submits their videos and text messages.

The next step involves sharing the campaign. Ask your audience to share and again, sit back and watch how you attract more engagement from new people.

You might want to do your own story campaign. You can video-tape yourself as you share something. Organize a question and answer session about your product and position yourself as an expert in your field.


People like social media because it’s interactive.  As you scroll, read and respond you become actively engaged. Take advantage of this type of interactive platform and draw viewers into your world.

Polling is one of the best ways to do this.  A poll doesn’t require anyone to expend any effort but it does engage people while offering a quick and easy way to connect.

Throw out a question. What you should call your new product? What color you should the company use as a background on a new web page? What additional services or products should the company provide?


You have to stay relevant.  If you see something trending that is connected to your brand, relate to it in your posts.  Take advantage of the trend and add to the conversation to increase your exposure. Don’t get sucked into controversy or argue. You may win the argument but you won’t be seen in a positive light by potential customers. Ignore incitement and focus on presenting your brand in the best light possible.


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