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by Staff

By Abby Montanez and Victoria Keenan

When we heard a new burger place was opening up in the area, there was no question where we would be stopping next. Who can turn down a burger, whether you’re a meat or veggie lover? Not these girls. Luckily, BurgerFi has opened its doors at Harmon Meadow Plaza in Secaucus and we got a first hand look (and taste) at what they had to offer.

With a prime location that is close to the train, shopping district, and central to tri-state commuters, New Jersey’s only BurgerFi location makes its mark as a gourmet fast-casual restaurant. But these aren’t your regular, everyday burgers. Their beef is hormone and antibiotic free, sourced from cows that are humanely treated, fed responsibly, and so fresh that BurgerFi doesn’t even have a freezer on premises. Assistant manager Noel Gussen explained that BurgerFi’s ingredients and mindful practices are what separate them from the competition. “Just about everything is made in-house, from our veggie patties to our signature fry sauce. We don’t like to compromise. Many companies started that way too, but because of costs and timing, they had to cut corners, switching to frozen products. Sticking to our brand standards and core concepts is what works for us.”

IMG_4314But sticking to the brand standard means more than a fresh mindset and quality food. BurgerFi sets themselves apart in many other ways too, like serving craft beer and wines at many of their locations. “We serve premium products, from our Kobe beef hot dogs to our Wagyu brisket. But our economic demographic is really widespread. We have our single burger for under five dollars and then you can build premium burger up to 14 dollars. So you can serve a family of five for 25 dollars or two guys can come in after work, build burgers, and spend up to 50 dollars. We also have high energy, the music is going, we hire personalities, and we have our own way of communicating while cooking through the open kitchen.”

Aside from the food, BurgerFi also incorporates the same sustainable practices into their decor. “The interior is very urban. It has an old fashioned vibe at the same time, but then you sort of get a modern, green feel from all the upcycled materials. The walls are made from all-natural untreated wood, which is very rare. Our tables outside are made from upcycled from milk jugs, and in some locations, our chairs are made from 111 different Coca-Cola bottles,” Gussen explained. Dedicated to improving quality of life for all, BurgerFi’s message is simple, “better is better.”

BurgerFiWhen it was time to get down with some food, we were first served two alternatives that we wouldn’t normally order at a burger place. But let us tell you, we were not disappointed. Our first course was the Kobe Beef Hot Dog, served Chicago style with mustard, neon relish, diced onion, tomato, sport peppers, celery salt and a pickle on a steamed poppy seed bun. Even if you always have your dog the same way, we suggest you try this out. The toppings all paired together in harmony, and the meat was grilled to perfection. Next, we tried the VegeFi Burger, a crispy quinoa and fresh cut veggie burger with white cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, BurgerFi sauce on a lettuce bun. Now, we are both major meat eaters, but we loved the fact that there was something for everyone, and to top it off, the veggie burger was delicious! Even if you’re a certified carnivore, don’t knock this one until you try it.

BurgerFiIt was now time for the moment the both of us had been waiting for, fasting for, dreaming of all day, time to tear into some burgers. We tried the BurgerFi cheeseburger, a classic, which had two Angus patties, double American cheese, lettuce, tomato and their signature BurgerFi sauce and the infamous CEO burger with two Wagyu patties, swiss cheese, roasted garlic/truffle aioli and a candied bacon and tomato jam. If there is anything to take away from this, please let it be the phrase bacon tomato jam. Both burgers were juicy, flavorful and something we definitely wouldn’t mind ordering again and again. The only thing that could make this course better would be BurgerFi’s parmesan, herb and garlic aioli fries, and yeah, we ate those too. The fries are hand-cut daily and fried to perfection in peanut oil which has the highest smoking point and neutral taste. Also, all of their burgers get sandwiched between to buns (unless requested otherwise) that are branded with their signature Burgerfi logo giving each burger a unique (and highly Instagrammable) look.

BurgerFiAnd because there’s always room for dessert, we were treated to some of BurgerFi’s frozen custard. A classic vanilla sundae with rainbow sprinkles and our for sure favorite, chocolate custard with brownie chunks, Oreo pieces and peanut butter sauce. As opposed to ice cream, frozen custard is richer and more dense in texture and flavor and that’s due to the amount of air incorporated during the churning process. BurgerFi also offers shakes, floats, and concretes to satisfy any sweet tooth.

With a new restaurant opening in the area every time we blink, it’s hard to pick a place to have a really good burger, or meal in general. With options for everyone, quality products from burgers to buns, and a modern design with an old school flare, BurgerFi does it right. And because we can never say no to a burger (or custard, or food in general) we plan to stop by the local location again very soon.

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