CBD Legislation Across the Globe

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In recent years, CBD has become the subject of discussion among cannabis enthusiasts and has conquered the curiosity of many people who, until recently, did not even know of its existence.

Besides, you can now legally buy CBD flowers online and fully enjoy the many cannabidiol benefits!

This is how the use of cannabidiol is regulated

The growing attention to this substance is testified by the numbers recorded by Justbob, the leader in the CBD sector, and other online stores selling products such as oils, crystals and inflorescences for collectors.

Yet, many people still doubt the legality of cannabidiol and confuse it with the active psychotropic ingredient of hemp, THC.

In the following few lines, we will discuss the CBD’s main characteristics and how European laws regulate it.

What is CBD, and what are its properties

Cannabidiol (commonly known by the abbreviation CBD) is the main active ingredient in cannabis. Many other substances are present in the chemical composition of this plant. Still, CBD and THC are undoubtedly the most famous, not only because they are present in more significant quantities but also because of their properties.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) has long been under the scrutiny of scientists as responsible for the narcotic effects of hemp. Still, in recent years CBD has risen to prominence, and more and more people have begun to learn about its beneficial effects on the body.

Assuming that, unlike THC, cannabidiol does not have any psychotropic effect, this substance has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, anxiolytic and energizing properties. Furthermore, based on the results of several scientific studies, its use brings substantial benefits in treating anxious states, stress and insomnia.

Furthermore, the intake of CBD would allow appeasing the symptoms of some digestive system disorders to treat pathological conditions.

Above all, thanks to the discovery of its beneficial properties, the European Union has given signs of openness towards CBD. Here are the regulations in this regard.

European legislation on the CBD

At the community level, CBD had enjoyed substantial liberalization since 19 November 2020, when the European Court ruled that this substance can no longer be labelled as illegal precisely because it has no psychoactive effects and does not create addiction.

Therefore, it is possible to market and consume CBD in the EU territory. However, some rules clarify some aspects relating to the sale of cannabidiol. First, the cannabis plants from which it is extracted must have been grown in Europe; secondly, these plants must not contain a THC percentage higher than 0.2%.

Another important aspect to consider is the origin of the CBD, which must be extracted from different parts of the plant and not just from the inflorescences.

Among the reasons that led to the decision to liberalize the sale and consumption of CBD is that, based on what has emerged from numerous scientific types of research, this substance not only does not represent a danger to health but can even give benefits.

In any case, the EU grants each member country the possibility of limiting its use if necessary for public health reasons.

Europe: the CBD in Italy – what the law says

Italy is one of the leading countries for CBD, and some of the best online e-commerce CBD shops exist. But Italian legislation on cannabis is controversial and not entirely clear.

Even though in recent years, the production and marketing of light hemp have been regulated by Law No. 242/16, there are still some legislative gaps that leave some doubts.

According to the text of the law, it is legal to cultivate cannabis as long as the THC in its chemical composition respects the 0.2% limit and is also permitted to sell, buy and possess it. To avoid problems in the event of controls, however, it is advisable to keep it inside its original case and keep the seller’s certification.

As far as the consumption of cannabis is concerned, however, the law is somewhat ambiguous in the sense that it does not allow it, but neither does it prohibit it. Reading the text, it turns out that the legally permitted uses are food, cosmetics, green building and bioengineering, but there is no reference to recreational use.

The law does not even clarify the possibility of consuming cannabidiol. However, since the European Court has ruled on the matter and Italy is a member country, CBD is considered a 100% legal substance and can be consumed freely.

The important thing is that its origin complies with the parameters indicated by the sentence.

In conclusion

CBD products, such as those you can order online at JustBob.shop, can significantly help various health problems. Still, to be sure of complying with the law and taking a quality product, it is essential to contact authorized sellers who operate in compliance with European regulations

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