Here’s How To Hire The Right Photographer 

by Tom Lavecchia

Finding the right photographer can be overwhelming, especially if you have an event that you are planning for. Most people hire photographers for one purpose only; to seize the moment and capture pictures that will be an echo of keepsakes down the line. Once you find the right photographer, you won’t regret ever hiring them. Qualified photographers are the best at what they do, and they will not disappoint you in any way.

You might as well have friends who have DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras who will try to convince you that they can take great pictures at your event. They’ll also suggest that they will take pictures at your event for free. But hey, they don’t have the qualifications for it even with the best equipment. Do not be attempted to DIY if you don’t have the skills for the job. These are pictures that will be a remembrance for years to come. To help you out, below are ways on how to hire the right photographer.

Check Out Their Portfolio

Portfolios help you know the type of work a photographer has ever done as well as their photography styles. It should also have the best work and photos that the photographer has taken over the years. If you have a wedding occasion, then hire a photographer who has a specialty for this line of work. Your photographer should have your needs and your best interests at heart. You will always know which photographer is right for the job by just looking at their portfolio; a good portfolio will speak volumes of the photographer’s capabilities. Here are some of the advantages of looking at the photographer’s portfolio before hiring them:

  • This helps to determine the photographer’s financial stability
  • Also, it will help you know if they are efficient
  • You’ll also need to know if you are dealing with a reliable photographer
  • It doesn’t hurt to have a peek at the photographer’s background check. You don’t want paparazzi at your event. They’ll haunt you for life!

The photographer’s portfolio will help you to know them better when it comes to making the final decision. Additionally, you’ll know the type of photographer to work with as there are different kinds of photographers.

Check If They Are Insured

You might be asking why a photographer needs insurance, right? Well, they do need insurance. This is to help ensure their equipment whenever they are working within the confines of your property. The photographer’s insurance policy will also help to protect them in case of unexpected eventualities. If you are in any working position, then you know you can never predict what will happen when in the line of work. Here are types of insurance policies you should check before hiring any photographer:

  • General liability insurance
  • Insurance of electronic data loss
  • Do they have insurance for commercial automobiles?
  • Professionals liability insurance
  • Business and property insurance

They Must Use Hi-Tech Equipment In Their Work

Before hiring a photographer, ensure that they are using cutting-edge tech. The equipment used can make or break the memories you want to keep for old time’s sake. Looking at the equipment they are using helps you avoid getting pictures that are not worth your pennies. Here is some equipment that can greatly help a photographer capture great memories on camera. They include:

  • The lenses should be of high quality
  • They should have memory cards with fast write speeds
  • Do they have gray cards?
  • They must own the best cameras
  • Lighting is also a great consideration when choosing a photographer. This is especially the case when holding night events

Check Their Charges

This could have been included in the first pointer but hey, things can get mucky. When a photographer, it is critical that you first and foremost know how much they charge for their services. To avoid any inconveniences or interactions mid-event.  Before you go paying for any photography services, try and see their actual prices. Additionally, check if there are any hidden charges. Photography is not a cheap business, and you might end up scratching the bottom of your wallet if you have not paid attention to the above pointers. It cannot be reiterated enough of the importance of going through the photographer’s reviews. Knowing what other consumers are saying about them can help to make the right hiring decisions.

Every time you want to hire a professional photographer it’s advisable you research carefully not to get a photographer that will con you in any way. It’s very easy to be duped especially once you pay before the required services are met. The above will help you identify the right photographer for the job.

Photo by Jamie Street

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