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America’s Holiday Baking Habits, By the Numbers

by Abby Montanez
holiday baking habits by the numbers

Ever wonder why we bake so much during the holidays? Or better yet, what the rest of the country is actually making? Turns out, there are some pretty interesting statistics that support our holiday baking habits. As in, half of Americans admit to having epic baking fails during the festive season. And the most popular flavor craved by the masses? Gingerbread it is.

In the spirit of gifting, it was found that pies, cookies and cakes are among the most popular desserts to buy at the store. And if you’re thinking of presenting someone with a fruitcake, just know there’s a chance they’ll give it away instead of actually eating it. Here’s a further look at the numerical stats that support America’s holiday baking habits.

christmas holiday baking habits in america by the numbers


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