The Dorey Story: Viral YouTuber Cracks and Uncovers the Code

by Bridget Mulroy
Julian Dorey

Stemming off of a wild podcast from New Theory with Tom La Vecchia, featuring YouTube legend Julian Dorey. The interview covers so much ground; YouTube algorithms, criminal organizations, and a few eyebrow-raising revelations. 

He’s amassed over 400 million views and over 500 thousand subscribers, but his background and intro into podcasting are what’s turning heads, in addition to his content.

Julian started working in the private sector of Merrill Lynch, but despite having a great job, he said, “I don’t look good in a suit,” and discontinued his well-paved road in the financial world for – drumroll please – podcasting. And not just any podcasting, Dorey’s now-viral YouTube videos encompass everything from scandals to conspiracy, taboos, and anything in between. 

So, Dorey spits the silver spoon out of his mouth, throws his hands up, and decides he wants to be a YouTuber, and he admits it is as crazy as it sounds. He moved back into the basement of his family home (in New Jersey),  and decided to follow his dreams. He eventually set up a recording studio in Hoboken, and in time, his main YouTube channel garnered millions of views. He’s since worked with other well-known names in the industry, such as Daniel Jones of Koncrete Podcast.

Julian Dorey podcast

Dorey on the New Theory Podcast

After giving a good listen to Tom La Vecchia’s interview with Dorey on New Theory, I couldn’t help but think of the privilege it was to hear a seasoned YouTuber acknowledge the topics discussed. Everything from the new algorithm, the differentiation between the content consumption analytics for YouTube Shorts compared to regular videos, the scandals that drove Dorey’s videos to become “viral,” the timeline, the story behind his success, and the list goes on. 

Julian Dorey as a guest was a gem of a wild card, but La Vecchia has a real knack for being able to provoke an exciting and informative conversation. Questions you didn’t know you had were answered in this interview, and it was eye-opening, to say the least.

“It’s weird for me because I avoided doing something like this my whole life, I always wanted to be the backroom dealer and then I realized I didn’t like the job I was in, and you know, that’s not really a thing anymore. So, you have to accept that my talent involves speaking on camera, ironically enough. It’s very weird for me, but there’s a balance there that I’m trying to find.” says Julian Dorey

While Dorey’s story is awe-inspiring, and controversial when considering society’s standards of conventional employment, the YouTuber unsurprisingly encounters a great deal of “trolling,” otherwise known as bullying on internet platforms. La Vecchia asks Dorey, “Do you get trolled?” People are constantly wondering if Dorey is faced with any trolls, and how he deals with them, but Dorey’s response can be applied to many situations involving a negative energy attempting to crush another’s success.

“Yeah, all the time! And I think it’s very useful. Now, I’m grateful every day,” says Dorey. “That you have trolls?” Tom chimes in, and Dorey starts cracking up. “No, I wasn’t going to say that, but I’m grateful every day that I did not figure out that this was my lane when I was 21 because I’d be dead right now. When I was in my early 20’s, I’d never been a commentator on shit, you know? But I’m an only child. What do I do, I loved and learned the internet. I people-watch, I study people, right? So I love studying comment sections, like ‘Oh my God, these people, is it really like this?’ You know, so I’ll always look at it as useful. First of all, 80-90% of people who comment are going to be incentivized to do so negatively. Negative is far more likely to instigate a reaction you want to be public, versus positive. Furthermore, when a clip of a video starts off with a comment section that starts to skew negative, positive people don’t like coming in because,” Dorey shrugs his shoulders, “I don’t want to get caught up in all of this, and they’ll be the ones to DM [direct message] me, they feel like they’re saving the day – and they are.” 

The full interview & and Julian Dorey’s YouTube channel have been linked below.

New Theory Podcast With Tom La Vecchia: @JulianDorey Discussing Insider Training, Mafia Informants and UFOs

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Bridget Mulroy is a journalist based in Red Bank, New Jersey, Calabasas, California and Manhattan, New York who covers geology, seismology, botany, biology, & community news.

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