The Most Popular Thanksgiving Side in NJ, And Every Other State

by Abby Montanez

Sure, turkey is technically the main event on Thanksgiving. But real foodies know that the holiday is all about the sides. There are quintessential American staples that appear year after year—the likes of mashed potatoes, stuffing, soggy green bean casserole. These are the things we can count on in 2020. But, the country will no doubt vary in its offerings. What’s common in California may not be the same for Nebraska (I can almost count on it). A new map from Zippia recently revealed what the most popular Thanksgiving side dish is in NJ, and every state across the US this year. 

The Research

First, the team at Zippia took to Google Trends in order to analyze and determine what the most popular Thanksgiving side dishes consumed overall were. After examining over 20 classics, they then narrowed it down to which were actually searched the most according to state in the month of November.

To put it into perspective, people living in Maine Googled “side salad” more than the rest of the country. This resulted in them taking the first (and only) spot for eating the most side salads on Thanksgiving. 

The Findings

Aside from Maine now being declared (and shamed?) a salad-eating state, there were a few other surprises to come out of these findings. Did you know New Hampshire is the only state searching for cranberry sauce apparently? Or, maybe everyone else is just using the canned stuff. Seven states are fans of mac and cheese on Thanksgiving, which I don’t personally indulge in but could definitely get behind. And in the stuffing versus dressing debate, Alabama was the only state to side with the latter. 

The weirdest ones? Zippia found that the folks of Indiana search for “deviled eggs” the most and Kentucky has something called “broccoli casserole.”

In a not-so-shocking turn of events, mashed potatoes were favorited in 10 out of 50 states and green bean casserole is amongst the most popular dishes in the Midwest. The majority of the country, 47 states to be exact, will have carby sides including potatoes, mac and cheese, stuffing or dinner rolls on their table in 2020.

Most Popular Thanksgiving Side in NJ

Map by Zippia

The Most Popular Thanksgiving Side Dish in NJ

So, that brings us to the Garden State. What did Zippia find to be the most popular Thanksgiving side dish in NJ? The answer: stuffing. A beloved classic by so many and crucial to the holiday table. In fact, New Jersey is in good company too with the people of New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont also eating a disproportionate amount of stuffing in the month of November.

Although your Thanksgiving might look (and feel) a little different this year, hopefully, this shows that the food will remain the same. Something to look forward to.

Have a hot take on what the most popular Thanksgiving side dish in NJ should have been? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Michael Scivoli November 13, 2020 - 5:08 pm

Tucky never fails to impress.

Michael Scivoli November 13, 2020 - 5:11 pm

How is Idaho’s NOT potatoes?!


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