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by Abby Montanez
white glove company

You and your significant other have just decided to move in together. Congratulations! But also, things are about to get real complicated real quick. Not only are you both about to take a huge physical step forward, emotions will be at an all time high as you decide whose couch should stay and, more importantly, how you’re going to get it from point A to point B. A word of advice — leave it to the professionals. To help you prepare for this important time and promising to ease the pains of moving is New Jersey’s White Glove Company, whether you’re looking to settle down somewhere local or long distance.

At the end of the day, moving is a lot of work and the last thing you want when you’re feeling overwhelmed with excitement and chaos is to be breaking your back climbing up and down three flights of stairs while contemplating the current state of your relationship. And If you’ve ever had to make a choice between moving companies before, you know it’s not as easy as outputting “moving companies near me” into Google.

It’s all about reputation and for over 25 years, White Glove Company has grown to become New Jersey’s oldest and largest independent moving company. As a family-owned and operated business, it only makes sense that when handling your most valuable items you choose a team that you trust and that will treat your loved ones like they’re their own.

white glove company

Photo by White Glove Company

A make or break moment when it comes to moving is the packing process and just like when you’re going on vacation, you know you’re going to put it off until the last minute. You also know that although you and your partner are considered “equals,” someone will be the taking the brunt of it. Instead of fighting over who’s done the most (or least), White Glove Company will come to your home and pack up all your belongings including clothing, bathroom supplies, books, linens — or deliver the tools you need to be able to pack your personal items yourself.

They will also then unpack everything to make your new home look just like your last. Oftentimes people underestimate just how long it will take to actually unpack everything they’ve brought with them, so you’ll want to work out with your partner what’s a priority to open during the first couple weeks. Or, just have White Glove Company do it for you. And anything you don’t have room for they offer storage solution options whether you need to hold off for just a few days or a couple months.

When moving in with a significant other, the both of you are also entering an entirely new financial space where you’ll have to consult one another on costs, and we don’t just mean your new lease payment. Between the movers themselves, gas and truck rentals, the moving process can add up quick, ask anyone. When hiring White Glove Company, they provide free, in-home consultations and as long as your plans stay the same, the quote remains at a fixed price meaning there will be no surprises or added stress the day of.

During the in-home consultation, they’ll get a feel for you and your partner’s biggest concerns when it comes to moving, review their services list and packing materials needed, itemize your belongings or any speciality items and discuss any logistics that might be required along the way including things like storage options. By the end, you’ll be left with a firm estimate that reflects the White Glove Company standards for trust, truth and transparency.

A major life event like moving in together can leave you with a headache and heartbreak, but you don’t have to let it. While it does take a certain amount of planning, coordinating, stress and money, once it’s over you’ll be thankful that more than just your grandmother’s antique vase is still in tact.

For more on White Glove Company and the services they offer, visit their website.

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