The Best Flat Top Grill for Pancakes

by Tom Lavecchia

A flat-top grill is a great piece of cooking appliance that every home should have in your kitchen. Pancakes are one of the most popular foods many people enjoy eating. They are also easy to cook but it can be difficult to bring out their proper texture, shape, and size, especially when you’re rushing and using a frying pan. Thankfully, a flat top grill is a simple option for cooking pancakes that meet your expectations. This post will show you what to consider before buying a flat top grill for pancakes.

Factors to consider


Flat top grill for pancakes come in various sizes, which means you have a wide range of choices. As a result, you should consider the number of pancakes you want to cook simultaneously and their sizes. The best thing for having a large surface area is that you can cook for large amounts of food. 

However, a larger surface area also means you might use higher fuel. Keep in mind that you can find flat-top grills suitable for either home or commercial use. Therefore, the ideal grill will depend on various factors depending on the number of people you want to serve. 

Electric or manual grill

Electric pancake grills are the best option if you are considering cooking other foods simultaneously with pancakes. Even better, you can choose to adjust the temperature suitable for your pancakes. This helps you to have precision in pancakes making. 

But you should remember that they might be harder to clean than the manual grills because their electric parts cannot contact water. Apart from this, they have limited portability compared to the manual grills since they need a power supply. This means they can be difficult to use to make pancakes while camping where there is no source of power supply. 

Above all, it makes sense to choose a flat top grill that is easier to take with you, especially if you want to use it away from home often. Hence, it should be small-sized and lightweight to make it convenient while transporting it.


Pancake grills are made of various types of materials. Therefore, you should go for the ones made from high-quality material because this will have an impact on its durability. Other features to look out for include the distribution of heat, thermal conductivity, and many others. Aluminum is a favorite material for most people because it distributes heat evenly and is easy to maintain. 

Alternatively, you can choose cast iron which gives the grill a sturdier feel as it’s heavy and retains heat a while longer than aluminum. You should also look out for pancake grills with non-sticky material surfaces that prevent the pancakes from sticking onto the grill’s base. Most manufacturers use various coating material for grills to have a non-stick feature. This is an important factor to consider because some of these non-sticky materials can harm your health and the environment.  

Cleaning is also another significant part to consider before buying a flat top grill. How easy and well you can clean it will have an impact on food hygiene. Grills with non-stick surfaces are pretty easier to clean because you can remove the dirt easily.

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