6 Fresh Tips For Decorating Your Coffee Table

by Michelle Garay
Fresh Tips For Decorating Your Coffee Table

The variety of objects that occupy a coffee table are truly a nod to the functionality of this furniture piece. Whether it’s the surface our beverages are consistently placed on or the landing spot for TV remote controls, there’s no doubt this living room staple is one that the home is centered around.

Coffee tables are practical, but also a significant design element that alters the aesthetic of a room. They come in tons of shapes, sizes and color tones to complement surrounding couches and chairs, transforming a simple space into a room that can carry its own (and your own) personality. 

The best part about this furnishing, though? There’s never a bad time to style it with fresh decor accents. If you’re seeking a minimalist appearance or want to make a louder statement with details, check out our fresh tips for decorating your coffee table below. They’re sure to score you some major design points in any direction you’re looking to go.

1. Incorporate Decorative Trays or Bowls

Fresh Tips For Decorating Your Coffee Table

Like coffee tables themselves, decorative trays and bowls come in a wide array of shapes to suit any environment. When centered on coffee tables, you can place items such as houseplants or stones within them to provide an earthy ambiance or an upscale finish to your tabletop.

2. Add Pops of Color

Coffee Table tips

Take your color scheme into consideration. Add pops of color on your coffee table in the form of sculptures, candles or fresh flowers will enhance the entire room’s personality. Depending on how large your coffee table is, you might also like to give a thought to grouping objects together for a more prominent moment.

3. Elevate Specific Decor

decor tips for coffee tables

Using decorative boxes or wood. Remember, you can create elevated levels on your coffee table and even go as far as assembling additional items on top. Differing heights make your coffee table a place to focus attention on, so you may also like to consider taller vases or artwork as well.

4. Organize Book Stacks

Fresh Tips For Decorating Your Coffee Table

Yes, this design tactic is seemingly common. But a coffee table book stack offers a great opportunity to insert a piece of yourself into your home’s decor. You can construct a tower of food-related reads if your interests lie in cooking, picture books of favorite artists or even a vintage magazine collection.

5. Position on Top of an Area Rug

Fresh Tips For Decorating Your Coffee Table

Area rugs are a versatile decor piece.  Alone, they accomplish bringing a room together as well as making a certain area in the home stand out. Paired with a coffee table, the combination is a top-notch design recipe for an inviting setting.

6. Create a Candle Display

Fresh Tips For Decorating Your Coffee Table

From peaceful glows to enchanting jars and scents, there’s very little that candles can’t accomplish as decor. Setting up and lighting candles supply a soothing background light for long conversations or wine nights around the coffee table. Plus, there’s also the option of battery-powered candles that look just as aesthetically pleasing but are much lower maintenance.

Stay tuned for more tips for decorating your coffee table!

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Michael Scivoli July 9, 2020 - 11:47 am

An area rug is an absolute must!


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