Town House Shops: Find a New “Mad Hat” with Alice in Kinsland

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TownHouse Shops

TownHouseTown House Shops No. 620 recently celebrated the launch of in-house stylist Kinsland Howell’s new store project with a Sip and Shop event. Six years prior, Kinsland moved from Raleigh, North Carolina to NYC and stumbled into the world of fashion, beginning a journey that would eventually lead to the creation her own company: Alice in Kinsland- Styling and Wardrobe Revisionary.

Howell graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in Musical Theater Performance. When she started her auditioning process in NYC, she was looking for a job to pay the bills. She found Town House Shops while perusing Washington Ave for a job. “I walked in, and the rest was history,” said Howell. “From the instant I started working there, the store owners welcomed me with open arms, motivated me, and allowed me opportunities to head up major projects with the company. inspired me to find a vision that was my own, and that in turn lead to a passion for creating the art of fashion.”

Howell credits that Town House has showed her the art of fashion, and the family she found in the business has changed the way she thinks of how creative limits impact the world. As a stylist, her inspirations are colors and cuts that lend themselves to different styles. “Whether you’re into a more tailored, chic style, an edgy hipster look or just feel at home in your denim and basics, we all gravitate toward particular colors, patterns and shapes of garments. How we pair them then gives us the looks were wanting to achieve.” She likes focusing on designs that a person can use in their own individual way.

Town House currently hosts Howell as their in-house stylist at the Hoboken and Soho locations. She is available for personal styling and shopping sessions. Potential clients can reach out to her personal email to schedule an appointment. Through her business, she not only takes clients to shop in store, but at other stores and locations. She can work with clients on wardrobe revising, which is where she “shops” with clients in their personal closets. She helps to clean wardrobes up and shows different styling options with what the client already owns.

“Town House Shops has allowed Alice in Kinsland to flourish, and has been its backbone in support and encouragement. Setting its foundation in store with Town House is something I’m so thankful for and has allowed some pretty exciting and creative opportunities for both of us. Town House Shops is home and always will be because if it weren’t for them, I would have never been inspired to take this leap of faith.” Howell promises that more exciting launches and events are coming our way. She hints at more Sip and Shop events, exclusive deals and giveaways, and more collaborations with popular bloggers.

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