10 Delicious Ideas for Student Budget-Friendly Dining

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Being a student on a tight budget is always challenging, especially if you try to keep a healthy diet and strive for delicious and healthy recipes. Of course, it does not mean that you should limit yourself to various soups and odd casseroles! Mixing white beans with the chicken chops can be a great solution. The trick is to allocate more time for cooking by turning to some foods that can be consumed at a later date or even kept frozen for later. Now let’s narrow things down to at least ten ideas worth checking to keep things tasty and within budget!


10 Delicious Ideas for Student Budget-Friendly Dining


  1. Curry. 


If you do not mind adding some spice (literally!) and have some coconut milk around, consider using affordable chicken thighs as you add smoked aubergines, tomatoes, and coconut milk. It should take a little bit of time to get it cooked, but it will surely impress your friends. In case you have homework in a way that prevents you from creativity, remember that you can get research paper help from grabmyessay as a great solution. Of course, if you are not cooking curry for the first time, it will take a little bit of time, yet being in a hurry is not the best recipe when dealing with the spices!


  1. Jacked Potatoes. 


These can be cooked with the help of a microwave or cooked in the oven. You should fill potatoes with anything from Greek yogurt or cheese to baked beans that you can easily find in a shop. It is also quite cost-efficient and a healthy way to dine well and have all the vitamins in your diet.


  1. Granola Breakfast. 


Now, think about making your own breakfast by adding nuts, slices of fruit, and rolled oats. It tastes especially good if you add milk or maple syrup if you can find it. It will make you feel rather energetic and will boost your mood significantly!


  1. Omelets. 


Nothing beats eggs, as they will provide your student’s brain with protein and minerals. It will also help you to keep things up to speed when your time is limited. Add some ham and cheese, and you are good to go!


  1. Minestrone Soup. 


This is a great idea to consider instead of a canned soup. It’s good when you have little to no strength left and do not really wish to cook anything. The best part is that using vegetables for it allows you to use frozen ingredients and get it done in about ten minutes without stress or chopping. Speaking of stress, approach TopEssayWriting as a great way to get through academic trouble, so you can dine without thinking back to your studies all the time. It’s time to make homemade soup and finally relax!


  1. Stir-fry Noodles. 


It’s one of those foods that you can happily share with friends, especially if you have more than you plan to consume. You may think about vegetable noodles if you wish, as these are truly delicious and will keep you filled with energy to make it through the day.


  1. Grilled Sandwiches. 


Before you say that all healthy food tastes bad, think about grilled sandwiches by taking a loaf of bread, adding some butter, and thinking about the filling. If you have a chance to use a hot pan or grill on the outside, take your chance!


  1. Pancakes. 


Now almost everyone has tried cooking pancakes at least once as a kid. It’s really fast, cheap, and quite good since you can add the topping of your choice. If you are truly on a budget and wish to taste something delicious that will remind you of happy school days, adding pancakes won’t hurt!


  1. Fish’n’Chips. 


Since you can use various types of fish from the freezer and cook potatoes that are already sliced, you can easily add your favorite dish to your college life.


  1. Consider Simple Brain Foods. 


Adding a chocolate bar can do wonders, just like adding nuts and healthy juices to your daily diet. These will help your brain to work better and will be a great replacement for dining when you feel stressed. Consider this great post to read more about how brain foods work and why they should be an obligatory part of every student’s daily plate!

Sharing Ingredients With College Friends

As a college student, consider creating a special network with fellow learners where you set up the list of ingredients that you have. This way, you can share something or borrow a certain ingredient from another person if you plan to cook something special. This is an idea to consider, so you can get more social and keep things fun for all of you! It will also help you to make new friends and learn how to cook new things or showcase your skills as you may get together and have a little chat as you discuss things and overcome the learning stress!



Sam Stahl knows all about the challenges of college life as he explores various ways to survive through academic and daily life mazes. As an educator and researcher, he loves to write and help to make things more accessible. Follow Sam to learn little tips and tricks and take your studies to another level.

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