10 Features Every Educational App Must Have

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Just like classrooms and notebooks are essential for regular schools, educational applications and software are the only way to access online classes. Over the years, eLearning has grown considerably, with many online learning and academic writing platforms, which allow students to get professional paper writers essay writing helper, becoming more appealing to students.

But making or choosing an educational app requires proper guidance when selecting the features. Here are the ten essential elements that every educational app must have.

Live Streaming

Due to globalization, significant changes are taking place in the education sector. Thanks to the internet, most institutions have broken through geographical borders. Today, students interact with their teachers and peers through educational live streaming platforms.

For education applications, live streaming is the most interactive feature yet. It has the potential to be a significant influence on educational outcomes.

Live streaming makes it possible to engage in real-time, reach a large audience, and learn quickly. It also keeps schools interconnected, leading to the diversification of ideas.

Session Recording

Recording class sessions give students a sense of security that they can revisit the content anytime. After the class, students may review ideas, filling in the knowledge gaps.

The materials that students record become essential when studying for exams because it allows them to listen to and assimilate the lecture in real time instead of rushing to take notes.

File Sharing

When instructors need to share photos, multimedia information, or other vital data through group chat, file sharing comes in handy. This feature ensures that students get instant access to study materials from their classmates and teachers. With the option to share files, instructors can focus on teaching concepts, knowing they can always send the soft copies and lesson notes later.

Additionally, an excellent educational app should include a feature that grants students access to upload and download learning materials and share helpful information with their peers. For example, if we are talking about reliable paper writing services, students should be able to send the link to the DoMyEssay review or any other review to their classmates without any problem.

Offline Mode

The ability to save content on an application or software for future use is a feature even cloud-based applications have retained. For instance, top sites and applications like Netflix and YouTube have an offline mode for viewers to save their favorite videos for later streaming.

Similarly, a good learning application should include an offline mode feature to ensure learners can view study materials without an internet connection.

Push Notifications

Every educational app should have push notifications. The alerts may include continuous updates on features, new files, and warnings of possible threats to privacy and app use.

Besides, push notifications can help students stick to their learning schedule without supervision from an authority. And if there is a software issue, users should know what is happening and how to manage it through push notifications.

Data Sources

Your learning application should have a database comprising all pertinent information about the course on which your application is focused. This will give potential users access to various learning materials.

With the help of cloud-based learning tools, you can expand the learning database as well as keep the content regularly updated.

Intuitive UI

An ideal learning app should have a user-friendly interface optimized for users. In general, the learning curve for the app should not be too steep for students and educators with little technical knowledge.

So when choosing a learning app, make sure the user interface works on desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Personal Dashboard

The learning app should come with a personal dashboard that the users can customize to their liking. This dashboard will help students and even teachers view their learning materials and track academic progress.

Aside from dashboard capability, every educational app must include a single-step login. Users shouldn’t have to go through many hoops to access their data and learning materials. And when they get to the dashboard, their educational portfolio should be orderly.

If the application’s login is complex and the dashboard does not offer easy ways of getting things done, students will settle for an alternative.

Personalized Learning

Creating bespoke learning experiences for students goes beyond redesigning the curriculum. Instead, the best apps give students the freedom to personalize the product to their liking. This feature offers users a psychological feeling of control, which makes them comfortable.

Some personalization features for an educational app include:

  • Night mode;
  • Customizable themes ;
  • Content recommendations.

Curated Content

Choose apps with high-quality images and videos in addition to well-developed and verifiable content. Ensure that the content is of the highest quality and will pique students’ attention. You could also rely on AI and machine learning to personalize the content to each learner’s needs.

Don’t underestimate the power of videos. It is the closest thing students have to a face-to-face meeting with a teacher. Besides, videos convey more volumes of information than images and text.


Every learning application must have an intuitive interface, and you should be able to use it in offline mode. You should also be able to receive push notifications and curated content without any hassle.

A good learning application should have the features discussed above. They make your application user-friendly and simplify learning for your users. When choosing or designing a learning application, ensure these features are available.

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