3 Essays You Will Have to Write, Even if You Major in Math

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Everybody has their most and least favorite types of homework in school. For some people, essay writing is one of the worst assignments that you can get! It requires a lot of analysis, original thinking, and the ability to express yourself on paper. This is much harder than most people think! And the bad news is that you will have to write essays all the way through college!

A lot of students think that if they choose a math major, they won’t have to do a lot of writing and creative thinking. This is just not true because school administration can’t create a full curriculum that is based only on calculation. During your 4-year major, you will definitely have a couple of assignments that include a bit of writing.

Of course, not all math students can express themselves on paper. It’s not all about numbers and equations! If you are feeling overwhelmed with this type of assignment, you can look for an essay writer helper on the internet. Experts will take any essays off your hands and handle all your deadlines, so you don’t have to worry about your grades!

Still, in case you want to handle all of your homework by yourself, it’s better to be prepared! Here are 3 essays you will have to write even if you major in math!

Math essays

This is not your typical creative assignment. Sure, it includes something more than numbers and equations. At the same time, students have to display some writing skills to express their thoughts adequately. Basically, teachers might ask you to turn in this type of paper to explain an arithmetic problem, a theory, or a concept.

Some might say that this is an example of an expository paper. Let’s take a closer look at what should be included here:

  • A solid concept. For example, learners can use a problem that they have already solved and explain how they arrived at this solution. Or they can present a theory that interests them and try to capture the attention of the readers as well.
  • Determined audience. If you are writing for a professor, keep in mind that your paper needs to be professional. Always assume that your readers have the same understanding of mathematics as you!
  • Structure. This is not a typical paper with an organization. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from an essay writing services review website, like EssayReviews.com, if you are not sure about this assignment! In a math essay, learners have to include the premise of the problem, the basics of their argument, some charts or graphs, and a solution.


Not all teachers do this, but sometimes students will have to write short biographical assignments. Math major curriculum is not full enough to encourage your writing skills. For this reason, some professors might encourage their learners to write more. For example, with every new theory, you will have to provide a paper with a biography of its founder.

This is a very interesting way of making sure that pupils actually learn something new about mathematical concepts and the people behind them. You will also practice your writing quite a bit. Don’t think that you won’t need this skill in the future because who knows where you will end up. Your career will probably include something more than just numbers!

English papers

Lots of colleges and universities require their learners to take an English class even with a math major. So you better be prepared. You might study hard and enjoy solving complex problems for the whole semester, but one poorly written essay paper might ruin your grade! Perhaps, you can explore some new points of view, offer your unique insight, and even enjoy it!

Here are the most popular types of written assignments that will be most likely demanded by your professor:

  • Narrative. Basically, this is a paper where learners tell a story. Some say that this is the simplest task in the essay writing department. You have to demonstrate a high level of language usage, your own interesting story, and engagement with your readers.
  • Expository. As it was mentioned before, you will have to present your understanding of the topic. Usually, the teachers ask their students to explain the reasoning behind something in this type of paper.
  • Argumentative. Here, you will have to present your own arguments in favor of or against a suggested concept. This is a very structured and organized paper, which is perfect for math students!
  • Descriptive. Some say that this type of assignment is very similar to narrative papers. In general, learners will have to describe something, like a process, an action, or an event. This is no place for your own opinions!
  • Persuasive. This homework might remind you of an argumentative essay. Your main goal is to persuade the reader to support your point of view. Your arguments need to be backed up by solid evidence, just like any theory in mathematics.

To Sum Up

So there you have it, 3 main types of essays you will have to write even if you are a math major. In reality, this type of skill will be very useful in the future. Your career will most likely require some degree of writing, analysis, and structure. Essay homework is the perfect way to train these abilities! Remember that all assignments are important for your academic success.

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