3 Reasons Why Summer is Better than Winter

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It is a never-ending debate – what is better, the winter or the summer?

There’s no question that this is a matter of personal choice, and everyone has a preference of their own; it is still a standard debate that you’ll hear or read everywhere around you. Many people prefer summer, with the exact number of people in love with winter.

One thing everyone agrees on – autumn and spring seem to be suitable options for everyone. The weather is mild, and there are no extremes, so you rarely see someone worrying about these two seasons.

We’re here to promote summer, which is currently active in the southern hemisphere. It is hot and dry, and everyone has their air-conditioning on. Going out in the sun without sunscreen applied on the skin is dangerous, but there are many positive sides, too.

In this article, we share three main reasons that will highlight why summer is better than winter. If you’re arguing about this but lack facts, use these three as some major points. Follow up to see what they are and why summer is better than winter.

Lower Bills and a Simpler Life

Everything’s simpler during the summer. Although it may be hot outside, it is still not as problematic as being too cold. If you have no heating during the winter, you may fall into hypothermia and literally freeze to death.

Summers tend to be way more relaxed. If you’re too hot, you can always find shelter under a tree shadow, dip in the ocean water, or stay in until it’s dark outside. If you’re on a budget, you can always turn off the air conditioner, which you cannot do in the winter.

Bills become enormous in the winter for many people worldwide. Those who heat their homes on electricity will struggle to provide a comfortable living area. In times of world economic crisis, winters are not the best time to cope with.

Overall, life is slower in the summer. People are relaxed and carefree. There are bbq Sunday events, open-air concerts, going to work by bike, and spending weekends with friends. Not something you can say about the winter.

Better Overall Health

During the summer, the sun is bright and shines on all of us, which ultimately means getting the needed daily dose of Vitamin D. This vitamin enhances the work of your immune system, making you healthier and more immune to bacteria and viruses.

Additionally, we sweat a lot more during the summer. With sweat, we flush the toxins that build up in our bodies over time. With the toxins going out, we stay healthy and let the immune system handle the rest. Those who exercise regularly and stay hydrated will be as healthy as possible and won’t experience any illness during this season.

Bacteria and viruses thrive under ideal conditions but won’t spread out and multiply if it is too hot. To put things into perspective, this also won’t happen when it is too cold, but the problem is we also thrive in temperatures that are perfect for viruses and bacteria, and in the winter, we often go to closed areas where diseases spread instantly.

These are the reasons why we don’t see hospitals full of patients in the summer, but it’s the other way around during the winter. People are prone to illnesses when the weather is cold outside. We breathe colder air that lowers our body temperature and opens a path for bacteria and viruses to operate.

Time for Vacations and Love

Everyone waits for the summer vacations, going to the beach, dancing at parties, and spreading love. It’s the season for fun, laughter, and joy. Work is stressful throughout the year, but everyone deserves a break in the summer.

If you’re working hard for the entire year, you know how impatient you are about the summer. It’s not about employees only, though. Students also have their breaks when the weather is excellent, and they can use this time to spend it with friends, have fun, and enjoy life.

Everyone remembers their childhood summer romance. Kisses on the beach, late-night parties, and similar things. Just put on your slippers or wedge heels and enjoy a walk by the beach. Amazing things may happen out of nowhere.


Summers can be amazing if you make them that way. Facts say that the weather is hot in the summer, and if you hate the cold, this is the season for you. Everything else is just a personal preference. Some people will mention the snow, the skiing vacations, and Christmas.

Whatever your wishes and preferences are, you should always respect others for their choice. Still, if you enter a debate about which one is the best, don’t forget to mention these few points we discussed above.

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