4 Reasons You Should Give Online Marriage Counseling a Try

by Staff

In today’s digital age, marriage counseling has become more convenient and accessible. Gone are the days of traditional, in-person therapy being the only option. Online marriage counseling and coaching apps have become simple, effective options for couples looking to improve their relationships. 

Here are the top four benefits of relationship coaching apps and online marriage counseling:


No commute, no waiting rooms, no inconvenient appointment times. Online marriage counseling works on your schedule, not the other way around! There’s also a lot more privacy since you can participate from home. 

Along with online therapy, relationship coaching apps have emerged as another convenient option you can download to your phone. The app Relish, for example, gives you the ability to send messages to real relationship coaches any time of day. There are lessons, quizzes, and insights that you can access at your own convenience. 


If you and your partner are interested in therapy, but can’t afford the big price tag, a relationship app is a great option! Most charge a yearly subscription and are much more affordable than traditional options. (For example, Relish is $100 for a yearly subscription after a free trial.) 


Online marriage counseling and relationship coaching apps allow you to navigate therapy however you choose. Maybe your partner prefers speaking with a coach, while you would rather read articles and lessons from experts — no problem! You both can learn and share information in different ways. 

On the Relish app, one person can focus on completing an interactive lesson each week while the other spends more time talking to their relationship coach. As long as you’re discussing what you learn with each other, there’s no wrong way to use the app.


Since establishing trust is necessary for couples to open up about their issues, traditional, in-person therapy is often about the therapist-couple relationship. On the other hand, apps like Relish focus more on your wants and needs as a couple and less on the relationship with your therapist. 

Once you sign up, you’re immediately given helpful lessons, quizzes, and insights that are specifically tailored for you and your partner. A relationship coach is assigned based on your specific needs and is there any time you’d like to chat! (And if you’d rather not? That’s fine too!) 

In the past, many people only considered therapy as a last-ditch effort to save the relationship —but not anymore! Today, couples therapy is being recognized as something even happy couples should pursue to keep their relationship thriving. Taking the time to learn more about it is the first step towards a happier, healthier relationship.

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