4 Signs Your Business Needs CMMS

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Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) facilitates the entire process of maintenance operations while also centralizing all the maintenance operations. Often found in the oil, manufacturing, construction, gas production, and power generation industries, companies that use a CMMS are in for many benefits to enjoy.

Nowadays, almost everything is on computers. So, it just makes sense too to rely on a computerized system even for tasks such as maintenance. Companies that have long relied on one will definitely convince your company’s maintenance or facility manager that using one can easily be one of the best and biggest changes you can ever implement in your company.

But, how would you know that your business really needs to have a CMMs, like 60 Hertz Energy CMMS software, among the many? Here are four signs to give you a hint.

1. Your Company Still Isn’t Mobile-Responsive

While computers are still prevalent nowadays, this isn’t to say that it’s the top choice of individuals and businesses alike when doing mundane tasks like browsing on the Internet, booking and doing simple online tasks, and perhaps even performing light online jobs.

The coming of even more advanced smartphones paved the way for the rise of mobile dependency. This means that the reliance on mobile phones can now be just as strong as that on computers. It pays to be a company that’s also mobile-responsive, even with maintenance.

If your company still hasn’t achieved that level of responsiveness, it’s worth installing a CMMS. Modern-day CMMS is easy to use and device-agnostic on mobile phones. This means technicians, among other key expert personnel, can actually retrieve and collect documentation through a mobile phone.

Other functions that can be done even when mobile include:

  • Check the availability of parts
  • Update any work orders, particularly for manufacturing businesses
  • Initiate and make orders
  • Maintain compliance procedures
  • Evaluate maintenance history

2. Your Equipment Is Always Breaking Down

Reality check: has your equipment been breaking down quite consistently? This is a pain in the neck as it is a pain in your company’s budget. It’s really troublesome to regularly face equipment repairs after you’ve only recently gone through the same.

If this is the case, it should be another sign that your company needs to have a CMMS. Assets and equipment constantly breaking down means you may not have been running the proper maintenance routines or that the work being performed by that equipment isn’t correct, to begin with.

With a CMMS, you’ll have the means to organize and track down all your equipment’s work. This enables you to stay in the loop with necessary repairs and maintenance to avoid the unpleasant surprise of regular unwanted repairs.

3. You Don’t Have A Maintenance Program In Place

Another sign that you need to have a CMMS is when your company doesn’t even have a preventive maintenance program. This may sound obvious, but you may be surprised at how many companies still don’t have one to date. By a formal preventive maintenance program, this essentially means:

  • Standardized processes and procedures surrounding automation;
  • People are held accountable for certain tasks they have to complete.

It’s imperative to have a well-functioning preventive maintenance program to reduce equipment downtime. This refers to that period when equipment can’t be used, as they’re sent for repairs.

If your company is still working from a computer spreadsheet or, worse, a manual record book for each of your equipment’s maintenance schedules, then you have to switch to a CMMS now—not but’s. Doing so will afford your company so many benefits, many of which you may have never even thought you could accomplish had you not taken the route of using a CMMS.

4. Your Equipment Security System Is So Weak Or Non-Existent

How good is your current equipment security system? If it’s not working so well, or if you don’t even have one, it’s about time for you to work to secure your company’s equipment.

There’s nothing worse than reporting to your plant and later finding out there’s been some sort of security breach. This can be as bad as losing potential profits and disruptions in operations because of repairs that were also uncalled for and unexpected.

Today, top-tier CMMS systems have many features that enable your company to keep sensitive information safe. These include:

  • More refined access to controls, restrictions, and authorizations;
  • Single sign-on for secure authentication.


Maintenance managers are often busy and will have a lot on their plate. Many years back, almost every task may have had to be done through manual work. Today, times have changed for the better, and modern technology is there to save the day. If you’re able to tick through at least some of the signs above, you should be more convinced now that it’s a good idea to use a CMMS for your company. With a good one, your company is slated to achieve new heights and perform better, even with mundane (but all-important) tasks such as maintenance management.

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