4 Tips To Get Your Clients To Attend Scheduled Meetings

by Staff

To measure the performance of commercial and sales teams, one of the metrics commonly used is the number of meetings held with clients. To be successful in meetings and achieve present or future sales, the information with which people attend meetings must be of quality.

The person, the company, the competition, the needs, are some of the aspects that must be known in order to enter any meeting on the right foot and try to achieve the objectives set. Any commercial or account executive knows that even if a meeting is scheduled in advance, things often do not go as planned. There may be external factors that prevent the meeting from going as planned.

Both from the experience we have with our own team, as well as the one that many of our clients communicate to us, we have summarized in 4 tips, which we think are fundamental, to book meetings with clients who are really interested in attending, you can focus more on sales that you want to obtain and less in the inconveniences that may exist. In this way you can increase the chances of success and achieve the objectives.

Go To The Right Contact

The easiest thing to fail to schedule a meeting or not get enough attention is not to be interacting with the right contact. You can get the meeting but it is very likely to be unproductive because you are not talking to the right person.

From the first contact you should try to reach the right person to capture direct interest with the necessary information. In this way, you can speed up the sales process by skipping intermediate steps that usually slow down progress.

Includes The Option Of Online Meetings

The way businesses work has changed. Technology has made it possible to take meetings to a higher level. No travel is necessary to have a face-to-face meeting.

Including the online meeting option will help close more meetings by giving customers another means of meeting with you for this option is Klaxoon.

Furthermore, in a globalized world, where you may have clients that can be found in another province, country or continent, meeting in person is not feasible. You can’t miss out on business opportunities.

There can always be factors that cause clients not to show up for meetings. However, there are simple things you can do to ensure that you better capture the customer’s attention and that they do not miss the meeting.

Stay In The Customer’s Mind

It may have been a long time since you made the first contact with the client until the moment you managed to schedule the meeting. Even the client may have forgotten why he was really interested in meeting with you.

The best way for the client to continue thinking about you and what you are going to offer them is to involve them by offering valuable content of great interest to their company.

There are different ways to do it, but at the moment, the most interesting is to interact through social networks. Connect on LinkedIn, post and tag or follow on Twitter.

Of course, this requires some investigative work to find out what social networks they are active on. You should consider social networks as a customer relationship tool with a totally professional profile.

In case they do not relate much through social networks, the alternative way is through email sharing relevant content.

Send Reminders

Sending reminders of the next meeting is very simple but often overlooked. An email reminder should be sent to the client the day before the meeting. The message can be short or you can include some of the valuable content that you have previously shared.

If the client planned to attend, the reminder will reinforce the fact of the meeting. On the other hand, if the client had forgotten, with the reminder he will keep the meeting in mind again so that there is no absence and in case he needs to reschedule you can offer him the option of setting the meeting another day. The important thing is that you don’t cancel the meeting.

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