4 Ways to Tackle Boredom At Work

by Staff

No matter how much you love your job, there may be times when you start to feel a little… well, a little bored. This can especially happen if your work is deadline-centered. Once you’re up to date with your work, you may find yourself with time to kill until the work actually needs to be submitted. What now?

If you don’t want to waste your days wandering aimlessly around your workplace, here are a few things that can spice up your working day and win back your motivation.

What should you do if you’re bored at work?

Of course, it goes without saying that you should only worry about passing the time if you’re up to date with your work. If you have a task that needs to be addressed soon, work on that before you let yourself feel bored!

1. Prioritize your favorite tasks

Start by making a list of what needs to be done, and prioritize your favorite tasks first. You’ll likely feel more motivated to tackle tasks that you actually enjoy, and things you know you can do well. Creating a to-do list is also a good way to help you feel motivated.

2. Find online games to play

Playing online games can feel like a waste of time, but in fact, playing online games at work can help you destress, learn new problem-solving skills, improve your concentration and memory, and even help you feel more motivated and happy at work. You can find simple card games on websites like online-solitaire.com. These card games can be personalized, customized, and even embedded into a website. Another useful site to find new games to play is World of Card Games, which provides multiplayer options as well as interesting new card games to learn.

3. Reorganize your desk

If you have free time, why not use it to reorganize your space? Workspaces can quickly get cluttered, and when you’re busy at work, you won’t feel motivated to tidy up. So, make use of the time you have now, and get everything tidy!

4. Take on more responsibility in your workplace

If you’re well ahead of your deadlines, now might be the time to consider taking on more responsibility. If your employers realize that you can work quickly and efficiently, this could be the gateway to a promotion, a raise, or special projects. Of course, this depends on whether taking on more work is the best thing for you at this time. If it is, however, why not consider turning in your work early, or even creating special projects of your own?


Naturally, this is by far an exhaustive list of ways to keep yourself occupied at work or to rejuvenate your motivation. You might choose to spring clean the office, start up new projects, or even create team-building activities. Whatever you choose to do, try and pick sometime productive. The idea of spending hours sitting at your desk doing nothing may sound alluring, but the novelty will soon wear off!

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