5 Breathtaking Camping Sites In New Jersey You Should Visit

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Camping is a great way to get in touch with nature, relax and enjoy the company of others. After all, who doesn’t love to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life?

New Jersey is brimming with countless beautiful camping spots you can explore for a fun-filled yet peaceful weekend away. Here are our best picks for camping grounds in New Jersey that you should visit this year!

High Point State Park, Sussex

High Point State Park is the perfect destination to get a 360-degree unrivaled view of New Jersey. Located on the summit of Kittatinny Ridge, High Point has a tranquil setting in a stunning mountain landscape. It also offers miles of scenic hiking trails that let you explore the park’s plethora of flora and fauna. While seeing these sights in the morning or late afternoon is best, you can still venture around at night if you’re feeling adventurous! Just remember your camping head torch and insect repellent for safety.

Many people flock to High Point State Park because of its feature attraction, the High Point Monument. The memorial, in honor of New Jersey veterans of all wars, sits atop the mountain’s summit, giving panoramic views of the city. High Point also offers many trails, so you can hike before settling on a camping spot for the night.

Wharton State Forest, Hammonton

Wharton State Forest is a 125,000-acre forest (the largest area of land within the New Jersey State Park System) that offers various outdoor activities. It is located in southern New Jersey and has neighboring towns of Hammonton, Shamong, Washington, and Mullica.

The popular destination boasts numerous hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails. It’s also surrounded by glistening rivers and streams for canoeing, kayaking and fishing. When it’s summer, you can go swimming at Atsion Lake. You will also get the best view for birdwatching in Wharton State Forest as it is home to a variety of bird species. You’ll definitely have a jam-packed itinerary when you go on a camping trip here.

Stokes State Forest, Branchville

Find some zen in the serene surroundings of Stokes State Forest. The picturesque woodland has over 63 miles of trails leading to astonishing views of Sunrise Mountain, Tillman’s Ravine, Stepping Stone Falls, and the Appalachian Trail. It’s also home to the best trout streams, making it an ideal place for fishing. But you can also bike, hunt, ski and snowmobile in this place. After an exhausting day of trekking through the wilderness, you can head back to your campsite or cabin to unwind. So, there is always an activity you can do, no matter the season!

Round Valley Recreation Area, Lebanon

Blue waters, refreshing breezes and captivating vistas – what more could you ask for? Luckily, you don’t have to travel far to enjoy all these and more at Round Valley Recreation Area.

Many swimmers, boaters, fishermen, campers, picnickers, and hikers come to the Round Valley Reservoir as its swimming area is the second deepest lake in New Jersey. It has a water capacity of 55 billion gallons and is filled with lake trout.

Round Valley is also the only state park that offers true wilderness camping. You can only reach the reservoir’s campsites on the eastern side via hiking or boating. The campers’ parking lot is three miles from the nearest site, and you can only get there by trekking a steep and rugged trail.

So, if you are an adventure junkie who wants to experience the authentic way of camping, the Round Valley Recreation Area is your place.

Allaire State Park, Farmingdale

If you want a combination of leisure and history on your next camping trip, check out Allaire State Park in Farmingdale. It is best known for its rich history as the quaint Allaire Village is a 19th-century iron-making town. You can also find the Pine Creek Railroad here.

The state park is home to hundreds of wildflower, tree, and plant species, making it a perfect habitat for birds and wildlife. And if you’re interested in fishing during your trip, the Manasquan River surrounding the park provides the best avenue for that in its fresh waters.

So if you’re looking to get a first-hand experience of how the early settlers lived in the late 19th century or just want to experience the old village’s rustic charm, this is the place to go.

You don’t need to wait for adventure because it is in every corner, just waiting for you to cease it. And you don’t have to travel far or out of New Jersey to experience that. The roads leading to these camping sites each have scenic routes that will make your drive to these destinations memorable. And once you get there, you’ll realize it’s worth the ride.

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