5 CBD Myth You Should Debunk Right Now

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The exploding popularity of CBD has made it one of the most wanted products of this age. With its therapeutic properties, it is available in different forms at almost everywhere, including bars, drug stores, cosmetic shops, and online stores. But despite the growing popularity of CBD, it still remains a mystery. All thanks to different myths surrounding it that are all over. So, as a first time user, it gets hard for the beginners to consume CBD products without getting dizzy with confusion of sorting myths from the facts.


Some of these myths are in the favor of the CBD, tagging it as a panacea for ailments. While other myths tag CBD items as your worst enemy. After hearing all these myths you might not be able to make an informed decision. So, if you are thinking of consuming CBD, it is better to know facts so that you know the reality of the CBD world.


Here we have explained facts behind a few CBD myths:


Myth # 1: CBD is only for Humans

Humans are the main users of CBD to treat their different health conditions, like insomnia, depression, inflammation, pain, etc., sure, but it doesn’t mean your pets can’t take them. Yes, you heard it right. You can give CBD products to your pets too because it heals their medical conditions as well. Various products are available, like CBD bone treats that you can give to pets as a reward during training sessions along with curing health issues.


Myth # 2: CBD has High Causing Properties


No. That’s the simplest answer to this question. CBD is extracted from the same plant family as marijuana, but it doesn’t cause high feelings like the psychoactive element THC. It is one of the many active ingredients, called cannabinoids, found in the Cannabis plants, but it doesn’t contain psychoactive effects. It reacts differently with the brain’s receptors that doesn’t cause high feelings. In fact, it helps to improve mode without causing high feelings.


Myth # 3: All CBD Products are the Same


This is another very popular myth that ends people up buying the wrong product if they don’t know the details. All CBD products are different based on the way of manufacturing, the purpose of manufacturing, the types of ingredients added, and the quality of the hemp plant used. For example, if the manufacturer uses extraction by solvent method, it will leave behind solvents in the final product, making the product harmful to use. So, do a thorough research before buying the product to get the most out of your money.


Myth # 4: CBD is just a Buzzword


Some non-users think CBD is just a hyped up product with no reality behind its buzz. But its users know what it is and why it is gaining so much buzz: it really helps treat various health conditions. Its so many proponents claim that it has helped treat epilepsy, joint pain, addiction, diabetes, inflammation, etc. So, CBD is not just a buzzword taking rounds of the industry. It really has properties that help treat health issues.


Myth # 5: CBD is Illegal


This statement was once true, but not anymore. As CBD is extracted from Cannabis family plants, CBD was also banned before. It means CBD consumption was illegal and you could be held against the law in the case of consumption. But now the federal government has legalized CBD consumption which means you can consume and grow hemp plants in your backyard for medical purposes. So, CBS isn’t illegal at all.


Good things always come up with bad rumors. So is the case with CBD. It has so many associated myths that it gets hard to separate them from the facts. That’s why you should do your due research and dig out facts so that you don’t end up becoming boo-boo the fool and stay enlightened with the facts. Now if anyone talks to you about these myths, you can clarify the air with facts. So, what are you waiting for? Happy CBD-ing!

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