5 easy ways to improve your English pronunciation

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5 easy ways to improve your English pronunciation

5 easy ways to improve your English pronunciation begin with three critical aspects: grammar, vocabulary, and speaking. Even if your grammar and vocabulary are impeccable, wrong pronunciation will ruin the first impression. Besides, keep in mind that this is the most challenging part of learning English. However, don’t let this put you down. In this post, we share the easy five ways to improve your English pronunciation.

Listen to native English speaking

One of the best ways to improve your pronunciation is to listen to English speakers. Whether you prefer to watch a movie or listen to a podcast,  pick an interesting topic and pay close attention. NJ is one of the top 5 most expensive places to live, but it’s worth a visit, as they have their own way of speaking. Don’t forget that even listening to music will help you get a grasp on the pronunciation of specific words. Understand the intonation by noticing a particular phrase. Then, repeat it a few times. Pay attention to how your tongue moves and the word stress. This method is called shadowing and is simple and easy to implement even during everyday life.

Phonemic chart

If you aren’t a native speaker, you find it challenging to learn how to pronounce certain words. The fact that spelling doesn’t always match with the pronunciation might sound frustrating, but there is a helpful tool. The phonemic chart represents the different sounds visually. At first glance, you might find it challenging to navigate through it. However, keep in mind that this is an excellent tool to aid your pronunciation. The weird symbols are a phonetic transcription of the word’s pronunciation. Every dictionary has them, so keep your eye on it.

Get an online tutor

If getting started is challenging for you, then you will need a helping hand. An experienced tutor will guide you through all you need to know. Also, they will identify the problems and gaps to focus on the right areas when learning. All you need to do is find a Preply online tutor that matches your specific needs. They will teach you some tips and tricks on how to improve your pronunciation in a short time. On the other hand, you can practice speaking with them. This will allow you to put everything you know into practice and receive feedback, which will become a base for improvements.

5 easy ways to improve your English pronunciation

Determine the English dialect you want to learn

During your learning process, you might be confused by the different pronunciations. This is why you need to determine the dialect you want to learn upfront. American English and British English have so many differences that might confuse you. Before you start your learning journey, make sure to choose between England, America, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. Each dialect has its unique words and pronunciation. For example, Americans pronounce the letter “r” harder when at the end of the term. Once you have determined the dialect you want to improve, allocate your efforts in that particular direction.


5 easy ways to improve your English pronunciation also include practicing. you can achieve that by recording yourself in video format. Don’t only go for audio recordings, as it is imperative to see your expression and hear the sound. Use your smartphone to record yourself saying a phrase you have seen in another video, and then compare yourself. This way, you can deny your mistakes and improve your pronunciation.

Final thoughts of 5 easy ways to improve your English pronunciation

In this post, we shared plenty of helpful tips for improving your pronunciation. However, don’t feel frustrated in the beginning. Keep in mind that the English language is quite tricky for non-native speakers. Other people suffer from the same problem as you do, so take your time to practice and perfect your pronunciation.

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