5 Hacks that Solve Big College Problems

by Staff

College comes with many changes, so getting used to the new life can be challenging. A student must become innovative and find quick solutions to any problem that pops up. I know I had to – and I’m pretty sure you’ll be dealing with some issues as well. In the end, changing towns, making new friends, or keeping everything scheduled and organized cannot be easy. Here is a short hack guide on how to solve big college problems.

Buy, or rent used textbooks 

The first and most important problem in college is money. As students, we are broke. That’s why saving on all of your purchases is a great idea. You could buy or rent used textbooks to save money and spend less on your school supplies. There are many online websites that can be of great help. If you cannot find your books online, you can always post in your school’s Facebook group, letting people know you’d like to purchase them for cheaper.

Since we’re talking about money, remember that eating out all the time is not a good idea. Make sure you eat cafeteria food as much as possible and go out with your friends for dinner no more than once a week. Saving money is important, especially at this time of your life. If you need a second job, don’t hesitate to look for one on upwork.com or Fiverr. Working as a freelancer in college is a great opportunity to earn some extra cash.

Use your school’s wellness center

Now the second problem in college is putting on weight. Yes, freshman 15 is real. Make sure you don’t get there by working out. Don’t guilt yourself into it, just do it for fun. You don’t even have to pay for a gym membership as I’m sure your college has a wellness center. Hit the gym; trust me, you’ll feel way better after a good workout.

In case you’re super introverted and don’t want to work out at your school’s wellness center, start jogging. Do it at least three times a week until you get the hang of it. If that doesn’t work either, then that brings me to the next point.

Join a sports team 

If jogging, lifting weights, or cardio don’t really work out for you either, it’s time to join a sports team. Colleges have plenty of intramural sports available for their students, so I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding something you like. If you’re more ambitious and want to aim high, you can also join a Division I team and train for real. Who knows, you might even get a scholarship.

Besides joining a sports team, you should also join other clubs at your college. Making new friends and socializing feels great – once you get out of your comfort zone. Doing something that gets you out of there is crucial; it will teach you important life lessons. Do you like poetry? Join a poetry reading club. You like theatre? Join a theatre club. You like dancing? Join a dancing club. Do whatever makes you happy but get out of your comfort zone.

Find tutors if you need help or pay for college papers

If you’re having problems finishing up assignments or focusing on your schoolwork, you might want to reach out to any tutor available at your school. You can do that by contacting the department of the class you’re taking and asking for available tutors. These guys get paid $10-15 to help you out with your homework or answer any questions you might have.

In case that doesn’t work out and you’re left with no time to study, you could also pay for college papers. Consult with writing professionals at Studyclerk.com to get a quota and see how much of an investment that would be. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help, it’s normal to have questions or be undecided on how to proceed once you hit a dead end with your homework. Make sure you tell them exactly what you need; I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to help students who work hard, just like you. Education is important, academic results are important, but so is health.

Change roommates if you must 

The last point I’m going to discuss is roommates. Why? Because somehow, they always end up bugging us one way or another; am I right? Make sure your roommate respects you and your space, helps you out with anything that you might need, is supportive and doesn’t bother you. Make sure you are fair and honest as well. If the match doesn’t work out, don’t be afraid to reach out to the school’s Housing board and let them know how they can help.

Wrapping Up

Buy or rent used textbooks to save money, use your school’s wellness center to stay fit, join a sports team to work out, find tutors fit for you, and change roomies if you have to. Your hacks will work as long as you stick to them and, of course, develop new habits. Good luck!

Author Bio:

Michael Samuel is a writer and journalist for a college magazine. He is also a tutor, helping students succeed academically. In his free time, Michael plays chess and hikes.

Main Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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