5 popular Ethereum-based NFT collections to invest in 2023

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Ethereum, the second most popular cryptocurrency on the market, is widely known for its innovative blockchain solutions. Although Bitcoin inspired its creator, Ethereum was meant to provide more than just a transactional way to buy or sell crypto worldwide. You can check out Ethereum to get a deeper insight into the cryptocurrency evolution, as well as analyze the determining factors of Ethereum’s price swings.

But the blockchain is what propelled Ethereum into the mainstream. With the help of smart contracts, users can create and deploy DApps, DAOs and other similar digital communities and applications. An even more famous feature of the Ethereum blockchain is the ability to develop NFTs (non-fungible tokens) through which artists can leverage their talent. At the same time, this revolutionary use of blockchain creates a broader pool of art, therefore designing an essential swift to the future.

Here are some known NFT projects based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Otherdeed for Otherside

The Otherdeed for Otherside collection consists of unique designs of a mix between environmental elements and sedimental ones that provide users with resources or powerful artifacts that can be further used. This gamified and interoperable metaverse is still under development but is one of the most appreciated on OpenSea.


Otherdeed for Otherside is basically a game where web3-enabled virtual worlds blend in with multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG). What can you do in this ecosystem? Build whatever you want on the Otherside and collect resources for your projects. You can also claim a plot of land when the final version of this collection launches. What’s best is that you can come and play with your own character, so if you own a Bored Ape token, you can use it for exploring the world on the Otherside.


Mutant Ape Yacht Club

If you’ve heard about the Bored Ape club collection and the fuss it created on the internet, you’ll also be impressed by the Mutant Ape collection. This compilation of 20,000 apes has been created by giving the original ones “mutant serums” that changed their appearance and style. These NFTs are rare and are currently the first collection to ever reward an existing community of NFT holders with a free and new NFT.

The team made the original Ape Club collection as a way to show appreciation towards people who supported the project and therefore made an extension. But the compilation was also open to the public, so half of the collection was sold within an hour of the launch, raising $96 million. The rest of the apes were airdropped to existing ape holders. There were three different levels of the scarcity of these mutant NFTs, which made them even more special. For example, there were 7,500 M1 assets, 2,492 M2 assets and the rarest, M3, were only in the number of eight.

Pudgy Penguins

The cute Pudgy Penguins NFTs is an 8,888 unique collection that emanates good vibes, love and empathy. Holders of penguins receive exclusive access to plenty of experiences, such as special events and IP licensing opportunities in this Web3-based brand. Besides the cute penguin animations, the collection produces content, merchandise, toys and digital collectibles for every kind of customer.

What’s unique about these Ethereum-based NFTs is that every penguin is drawn by hand, which gives them more personality. Two other expansionary collections are available to invest in on the market, Lil Pudgy’s (22,222 tiny penguins) and Pudgy Rods (7,400 fishing rod NFTs).

The project was a success at first, but after a while, its downfall due to the lack of funds led to an entrepreneur’s buyout of the project, which changed the project’s direction. The team has made a toy deal with PMI toys and is currently working on a children’s book based on the designs and stories of Pudgy Penguins.


The “Doodles” collection is a colorful and fun community-driven collectibles project with 10,000 unique drawings. Owning a Doodle allows the buyers to participate in decision-making processes by voting for experiences and activations. The platform enables you to create your own kind of character from the Burnt Toast artist. You can save your unique design on the blockchain without paying any fees, and you can buy, trade or sell your Doodles quickly.

Rare wearables are also available on Doodles 2, which is an NFT-focused mass market that allows holders to express their personalities with wearables, characters and music. This space leverages Genesis Space, a rare assortment of apparel and accessories. As there are 24,000 of these boxes, the limited-edition wearables inside have more value, as they can be minted on the Ethereum blockchain. The Doodles project has separated itself from others on the market as it effectively built its brand and had an ambitious marketing strategy.


The Moonbird collection of 10,000 birds is distributed uniquely under a creative commons license so everyone can use the artwork to build their own collection and products. This is possible only because the assets are fully on-chain, which means the birds come directly from Ethereum’s smart contracts. At the same time, as you can customize backgrounds as you like, the NFT project also collaborates with plenty of other artists to leverage their work on the blockchain.

The Moonbirds collection is powered by the Lunar Society DAO community, which offers holders many advantages for holding these NFTs. For example, you’ve got customizable avatars, which are not that common in the world of NFTs. At the same time, community membership is encouraging, where digital and real-life events occur. Nesting awards are available for members, while art and collectible drops are frequent in the Lunar Society Membership.

Final thoughts

Ethereum-based NFTs are growing in popularity as the blockchain provides all the necessary tools for developers and artists to show off their talent and get incentivized. Some of the best projects that have made it to the top are common, but they have also created an excellent marketing strategy and got out of their comfort zone by providing real-life events and merchandise.

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