5 Quick Home Decor Ideas to Uplift Your Space

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Even though people are creatures of habit, we are all longing for a change from time to time. The easiest way to bring some fresh vibes into your interior is to give your space a little revamp making it look brand-new again. But how can you reach that stylish look without doing much?

Designers know how to play up your house’s strengths, conceal flaws, and uplift your home interior in a matter of minutes with their professional tricks. A little slipcover for armchair here, a little vase there, a lighter curtain, a better rug — you name it! Here are several home decor ideas you can apply on a daily basis to reinvent your private space swiftly and without paying top dollar.

1. Install wall stickers

A very affordable way to add up a creative touch to your interior is to adorn your accent wall with wall stickers. There are wall stickers galore available online to suit any budget and taste. From exotic plants and ocean waves to sand dunes and jungles, everything can be pictured on a wall sticker.

And don’t be hesitant about using stickers just because they look like a permanent design decision. The majority of wall stickers are non-permanent so you can uninstall them easily whenever your eyes get bored. Meanwhile, you can customize your private space with bolder options, if previously you’ve never taken the risk to do so. Such sticker-inspired nooks can inject more life into the dullest room just in a few minutes!

2. Style your furniture with slipcovers

The monotony of your unstyled sofas and armchairs can be broken with new slipcovers! These bring novelty and unmatched vibes to the house with their floral, geometrical, Gingham patterns or plain but still brightly colored textured. For instance, adding slipcovers of mango shades can make the summer last a little longer in your house.

Longing for bolder hues? Great! Mixing blue, light green, or olive pillows with your mango slipcover will bring life into the dullest interior and boost your energy on a daily. On top of that, this is a very affordable styling option that comes with the extra perk of easy cleaning. Simply toss the dirty slipcover into the washing machine and enjoy a crispy couch whenever the slipcover is on.

3. Change old curtains

“The eyes are the mirrors of the soul”, they say. Should we mention that the windows and curtains in particular are similarly important for the interior? Elevate it in a matter of minutes by replacing your old curtains! Regular exposure to direct sun rays might affect the fabrics so that they look faded and pale.

Switch them to new ones and see the results immediately. Don’t forget to swap curtains for drapes in colder weather in case you are used to styling for each season of the year. If you are on a tight budget, a great way to save on curtains and still refresh the room is to adorn the ones you have with your own art, beads, or stencil prints. These don’t have to be necessarily too eccentric, however, such alterations will add up a personal touch to your windows.

4. Upcycle

Upcycling will be totally welcomed by eco-enthusiasts and those unwilling to pay a lot for redecoration. It’s a perfect way to give a second life to old and worn-out stuff. Reinvent the whole concept of “shabbiness” and turn it into trendy “vintage” or light-headed “boho”. Take that over-used sideboard for starters.

Give it a pretty rustic look by painting it with juicy colors making it a centerpiece of the room. Old frames can be sanded and painted in white to complement a contrasting burgundy wall, for instance. Save your old mirror from the attic and transform it into a vintage vanity by attaching it to floating shelves beneath. Voila! Your new dressing table is ready for make-up experiments!

5. Add throw blankets

Who said blankets and throws are for snuggling down only? Let us reassure you that throw blankets serve as great decor pieces without losing their cozy properties. Find a blanket that matches your aesthetics and interior. Fortunately, these are available online in vast quantities.

Cabled knit blankets can give the room that romantic vibe, reminding of warm sweaters, reading hours by the fireplace, and fluffy snow outside. A colored throw is great to add a zesty pop to a room, especially if the walls or furniture are neutral. Furry throws work particularly well if you are pursuing that luxurious though warm and soft look. And again, it takes minutes to transform your space with a throw. Try it!

If thoughts of a complete makeover are constantly haunting you, though you are not feeling like a full-fledged renovation, resort to these simple tips and tricks. With some of them in mind, you’ll ace uplifting your space when both on a budget or lacking time.

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