5 Things to Do If You Are Experiencing Prolonged Back Pain

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Nothing is more excruciating than experiencing chronic back pain. If you or someone you know have ever experienced the situation, you know exactly how crippling back pain can be. If the condition worsens, it will affect your mobility, while in severe cases can cause paralysis of the lower half. Spinal cord or back pain issues are linked with a condition called Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) which is an injury to the ligaments, joints, and spinal discs. According to New Jersey government statistics, nearly 48% of MSDs reported were related to spinal cord and back issues. As soon as you experience back pain that doesn’t subside even after exercise and other measures, you must consult pain treatment specialists in NJ to get the right treatment and diagnosis.

If you think the issue is not severe and want to manage the situation on your own, you must do the following things to relieve the pain.

See a Doctor

Well, it’s advisable to not take any risks or delay the matter when back pain is involved. Therefore, it’s best to consult your doctor before thinking about home remedies. It is important to get a proper diagnosis of the underlying cause of your back pain. A doctor can also rule out any serious conditions and provide appropriate treatment recommendations. Remember, back pains often snowball into unmanageable conditions. It’s a sensitive part of your body with millions of nerves. Therefore, don’t take a chance and visit the doctor if the pain is chronic.

Take Preventive Measures

If you think the situation is not adverse and don’t want to visit a doctor, then you must take some preventive measures. When the pain is continuous, use ice or heat therapy to manage the condition. Just place an iced or heated pad on the affected area for 45-60 minutes multiple times a day. This will help with circulation and soothe some sensitive nerves. In most cases, this is the best remedy for chronic back pain. Additionally, there is some over-the-counter medication that can also alleviate the pain. Remember, reduce your physical exertions to see the best effects of these preventive measures.

Physical Exercise

In most cases, lack of physical exercise is the main cause of chronic back pain. Our spinal cord is the most essential part of the body. It controls nearly all the movement in our body. Additionally, there are millions of nerves in the spinal cord, and damage to even one of them can cause severe back pain. Therefore, physical exercise is all you need to not only make the spinal cord stronger but also to prevent any issues. You must start with gentle exercises, such as walking and yoga, which can help strengthen the muscles supporting the back and alleviate pain. However, you must remember if you are already experiencing back pain, it’s important to consult a physical therapy expert to understand the type of exercise that can help with the pain.

Healthy Lifestyle

Apart from suffering physical injuries to the back, chronic back pain can also arise due to an unhealthy lifestyle. For example, if you work a desk job and have to sit for prolonged periods, then you are at risk for developing back issues. In such instances, it’s best to take short breaks, stand up and stretch after a couple of hours. It helps with blood circulation to the lower half of the body. Similarly, if you are overweight, you will experience some sort of back pain later in your life. Therefore, it’s essential to make healthier life choices and include a bit of exercise and healthy eating in your daily routine.

Maintain a Good Posture

All your back-pain issues can be down to a simple fact, your posture might not be good. For example, when you walk, you must keep your back straight and shoulders stiff. If you walk with your shoulders dropped, it will affect the posture of your spinal cord. Moreover, if you sit on your bed in a hunching posture, it will strain the nerves in the spinal cord. You will not notice it immediately, but slowly the posture will affect the spinal cord and result in chronic pain. Therefore, try to maintain a proper posture to put limited stress on the spinal cord.

If the problem persists even with the above-mentioned remedies, then you must consult a doctor immediately. Remember, most spinal cord and back pain issues can be resolved with a little exercise rather than taking medication. Therefore, introduce a bit of exercise and physical activity in your daily routine, and if there are posture issues, consult a therapist to resolve them.

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