6 Jewelry Ideas That Will Make You Happy in 2023

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We have a new year ahead, and it’s time to make a New Year’s resolution. A plan that will guide us through the year, helping us become a better version of ourselves. Among the many other things we’ll put on the list, we should always find room for improving our health and looks.

Health is essential, and no trend differs from year to year. You should eat healthy food, stay hydrated, and exercise. How you look, on the other hand, is often a matter of trend. A big part of your appearance is the accessories you’re wearing, and that’s exactly what we will focus on here.

In this article, we talk about jewelry as the main female accessory which many women can’t do without. Some women love jewelry, but with so many items available, you must know what will be trending in 2023. Keep reading if you want to see six fantastic ideas to put on your bucket list for 2023.

1. Asymmetrical earrings

Men and women have worn earrings since the dawn of time. Earrings are an essential part of female fashion today, while men are not wearing them as before. With so many trends passing by each year, this one, we have something exciting, cool, and never before seen.

This 2023, we will see a trend of asymmetrical earrings. Look for pieces that will be a pair but won’t look the same. One earring should be longer than the other, for example. They might be entirely different, but it is evident that they come in pairs. You can experiment and enjoy this trend as everything goes.

2. Rich color jewelry

Look for jewelry that will be rich in colors. Opt for notable pink, red, or any other color that you like. Stay away from colors that are not going to draw attention. Some jewelry is made with colors that are not drawing attention, and even if they look fabulous, you should go for something bolder.

Whether we’re talking about earrings, necklaces, or something else, look for items that won’t be missed by people you’re talking to or that you want to see you. Long pink earrings will surely make people ask you where you’ve got them and tell you how cool they look on you.

3. Multifunctional items

Pendants are fashionable items for ages. Today, people wear them because of the symbolism behind them. Multifunctional items will be trending this next year, and there are so many options to choose from.

One of the items that you might want to consider if you have a loved person passed away is a cremation pendant. These items look spectacular while carrying a small urn with the ashes of the person that’s gone. Even if you’re not carrying the ashes inside, you’ll still enjoy wearing the casketsdirect.com.au jewelry if you love this style.

4. Gems, diamonds, and crystals

Rings with stones, flashy earrings with crystals inside, and pendants with diamonds are items you should always have in your jewelry stash. Flashy stones, gems, birthstones, and similar items are an interesting idea to go out in public and look unique.

Of course, diamonds are not for everyone and for every occasion, but if you have the chance, this is the year when you should take out the rocks and have a gala party wearing something spectacular. Even if you don’t own something as expensive, gems and similar items are recommended as part of your appearance.

5. Body chains

Remember when going to the beach was unthinkable without a chain around one leg’s ankle? Times are coming back, and now you can wear chains around anything you want. It is summer in Australia, so going to the beach with a chain around the waist is an excellent idea.

Chains will highlight your curves and make you look sexy. Of course, we’re not talking about oversized gold chains but tiny, gentle, and cute chains that will draw attention from others to the body parts you want to highlight.

6. Oversized rings

Aside from wearing rocks, gems, and diamonds, you can also wear oversized rings on your fingers. They can be made from various materials and look different. Find something you love and don’t think about whether they are too big. They are just right.

Now you can order some rings custom-made from a person making hand-made jewelry. You’ll be helping a family-run business and have a unique item on your hands. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.


As you can see, times are changing, and fashion is going in a direction that some might not have expected. It’s bold and fierce but still feminine. Rings, earrings, necklaces, and all sorts of items are changing. Stay in touch with trends, but at the end of the day, always wear something you love rather than blindly follow trends.

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