6 Key Benefits of Boosting Online Privacy

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It’s a myth that only people who engage in illegal activity adopt private browsing practices. While some cybercriminals certainly do take steps to cover their tracks, regular Internet users also reap multiple benefits by enhancing their online privacy. Here are some key advantages of private browsing: 

#1 Account Protection

A threat actor with access to spyware can read the usernames and passwords to your bank accounts, emails, and social media pages. They can commit scams, financial crimes, blackmail, or identity theft through any of these accounts. Private browsing shields you from such scammers. 

#2 Physical Security 

Someone with the right skillset or stalkerware tools can use your IP address and publicly available information to find personal information like your home address. With your home address, they can threaten your physical security, and they can also put you at safety risk by doxing your data. By hiding your IP address with private browsing, you can mask your location. 

#3 Better Shopping 

It’s easier to hide a surprise like an engagement ring or travel tickets from a special someone when you enhance your Internet privacy. You may also stop shopping websites from raising prices when you return to them later while hiding your privacy. Privacy protection tools can also stop platforms like PayPal from blocking you when traveling to countries where the service isn’t available. 

#4 More Entertainment Options 

Hiding your location from platforms that stream TV shows, documentaries, films, or sell video games, and employ geo-blocking technology to restrict access, can potentially help you consume new content. Similarly, spoofing your IP address can also allow you to consume news stories and other media in a country with strict censorship laws. 

#5 Freedom of Speech

Unfortunately, many countries control thoughts and opinions with censorship or severe punishments. But whether you’re a journalist, activist, or ordinary citizen, you can share your views more freely without fear of retaliation from state-sponsored agents or online trolls by taking steps to protect your privacy.

#6 Faster Performance 

Several tools that allow people to snoop on your browsing activity or monitor you can take a toll on the performance of your browser, device, or Internet connection. For example, something as simple as adware that tracks your online behavior can slow your computer or Internet. By blocking these tools, you may optimize your system.

Tools for Boosting Online Privacy

Boosting your online privacy is simpler than you think. Start by being more circumspect on the Internet — don’t open emails, links, or websites that may compromise your security. Additionally, use the following privacy-enhancing tools. 

  • Download anti-malware software that counters viruses, spyware, Trojans, keyloggers, and stalkerware. 
  • Ditch your operating system’s baked-in browser and use the best browser for privacy and security on the Internet. 
  • Learn to use your social media page’s privacy tools to prevent strangers from reading personal information. 
  • Run your operating system’s firewall to stop malicious traffic that harms your privacy. 
  • Use an advanced privacy VPN (Virtual Private Network) that employs cutting-edge technology to protect your anonymity and data. 
  • Secure your privacy from a hacker who has your password with two-factor authentication for your Apple ID, Google accounts, gaming platforms, and more. 

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