6 Ways to Step Up Your Business Growth Efforts

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Expanding your client base, building your workforce, and scaling your business are needed for long-term success.

Business owners should do whatever it takes to encourage growth, especially during these unprecedented times. The ongoing pandemic has had a devastating impact on a lot of companies. Businesses have struggled to keep clients on board and their employees. However, standing still in the business world isn’t an option. People working for a company should look for ways to successfully grow the business, even during these strange times.

Ask your current clients to post reviews about your products and services

Nowadays, a lot of people will research products and services online before spending their hard-earned money. Many believe that honest reviews will give them an insight into what the business has to offer. According to a recent report, over ninety percent of shoppers will read a review before buying a product.

Encourage your customers to post reviews on your company’s official website, on online forums, and on the business’s social media pages. Remember to register your business with Google My Business, and create a business account on popular social media platforms.

Don’t forget to interact with the customer after they have posted a review. Whether the review is positive or not, thank them for contributing. If they have posted misinformation about any of your products or services, don’t forget to respond in a positive manner.

If you are finding it difficult to encourage clients to post reviews, consider offering them an incentive. For example, any customer that leaves a review gets a 10% discount on their next order.

Invest in ERP software

Over the past few years, a lot of companies have been investing in Enterprise Resource Planning software.

ERP implementation can help take your company to the next level. Here are some of the reasons why so many businesses are using ERP software:

  • The software can help increase efficiency in the workplace
  • It can help reduce overheads
  • It can improve productivity
  • It can also streamline processes

Although ERP implementation can cost a business a pretty penny, it can help the company save money in the long run. If you are struggling with productivity, purchasing ERP software might help you and your team hit your targets.

Because there are several ERP software packages to choose from, consider downloading multiple trial versions first. Most ERP developers allow potential customers the opportunity to test the software before buying it. Although trial versions are often limited, they will give you a good insight into how the program operates.

Spend time speaking with former clients

People who have been in the same industry for several years often think they know the business inside out. However, to grow your business, you might need to change your ways.

To find out how you can bring positive changes to your business, speak to your existing clients, and former clients.

Ask your existing clients if there are changes you could make to the business. Find out why they are buying your products or using your services, and if there are any improvements they would like to see.

Try your best to find out why former clients no longer deal with you. Former clients might provide you with valuable information on how you can improve your company.

Your clients are very important if you want your business to grow, so spend time listening to what they have to say. Also, ask your employees for client feedback. On your website, business cards, social media pages, etc. you should make it easy for clients to make direct contact with your or your workforce. Make sure they can easily find the company’s telephone number, email address, etc.

Start an Email outreach campaign

Email is still king when it comes to communicating with people. Over the last few years, social media platforms have caused a lot of noise, but email is still used by most people on a regular basis, especially in business.

There are software packages and services available that will help you launch an email outreach campaign, however, if you have a list of contacts, you can do it yourself.

An email campaign is a great way to notify customers about an upcoming event, new products, or changes to your business.

Although you will want to avoid bombarding people with multiple emails, consider doing an email outreach campaign every couple of months.

Even if you are starting a new business from scratch, spend time collecting contact information. You can invest in a service that will collect the data for you, or you can do it yourself by searching for email addresses online, or on social media.

A weekly newsletter is a good idea, especially if your business is frequently offering new products. People should be able to subscribe to your newsletter by adding their email address to your website.

Find out information about your competitors

You don’t have to hire a team of private investigators to find out how your competitors operate.

Spend time on their official website and speaking to customers who have dealt with them in the past. Check out reviews posted online about their company, and follow them on social media.

Even if you are in direct competition with them, don’t hesitate to make contact. Networking can help your business, and their business grow. Some business owners might like to communicate with you, while others might not.

Update your website and your social media pages regularly

Does your company’s website look the same as it did for the past few years? People often use major search engines to find products and services they are interested in, so it’s likely they will come across your website. If your current site is outdated, don’t expect potential customers to do business with you.

If you have designed the site yourself, consider hiring a reputable web designer to give it a makeover. Visitors should find it easy to navigate through each page on the site, and they should be able to find what they are looking for in a short space of time.

A well-designed website might help your SEO ranking on major search engines. If you manage to improve your ranking on search engines like Google, your business will surely grow.

Nowadays, the majority of internet users use mobile devices to search the web. It is of vital importance that your company’s site is mobile friendly. Visit your website on multiple smart devices. Make sure that the site works on Apple and Android devices.

Post lots of photographs, videos, and other content on a social media account dedicated to your business. Create accounts on all the popular social media platforms, and don’t forget to interact with the people who are following your page.


Whether you are running a small business or a well-known corporation, planning will often encourage growth. Don’t expect all of your business growth efforts to succeed, but under no circumstances should you stop trying.

If you are struggling, consider hiring a well-known marketing company to help you through the process.

Communicate with other businesses, even if they are not in the same industry, for advice, especially with business owners who have managed to grow their businesses during the pandemic.

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