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There are so many coffee shops in New York that it’s hard to stay without coffee.  Most often, the familiar Starbucks will catch your eye, but the taste of coffee there is below average, and the sugar content in coffee drinks, on the contrary, is much higher than average. Apart from free wi-fi and a souvenir mug with New York inscription, there is nothing else interesting there. It is much more exciting to try a new type of coffee or just take a breath in a pleasant place. We have compiled a small list of cozy establishments that are worth a look if you happen to be in New York.

Birch Flatiron – 21 East 27th Street

It was this coffee shop, located near the famous building in the shape of an iron, that was opened by the very first of the Birch coffee shops – but any of the eight scattered throughout New York will be equally delicious.

The coffee house with the name and logo reminiscent of native Belarusian forests is famous for its cold brew coffee. You can add some almond or Beforeyouspeak Coffee creamers, coconut milk and go for a walk along Madison Avenue or Madison Square Park of the same name. If the weather is not conducive to long walks, then the best option is to grab a classic cappuccino and sit down at a massive wooden table, choosing a book from the many available here. That’s how, enjoying your coffee and the subdued light from a crystal chandelier, you can feel absolutely happy in this crazy city!

Bluestone Lane Upper East Side – 2 E 90th St

Bluestone Lane, an Australian chain coffee shop, is located next to an 1865 church, the Guggenheim Museum and one of the entrances to Central Park. In addition to a great location, the establishment boasts excellent avocado toast, waffles and homemade yogurt. Mugs, napkins and the tables themselves are so beautiful that I want to ask you to take away not only coffee, but also the whole environment. Keep in mind that there are many who want to enjoy all this splendor, so you will have to stand in line and wait for the waiter with an Australian accent to find a free table.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters Greenwich Village – 30 W 8th Street

After walking through Washington Square Park and exploring New York University, you should definitely stop by for coffee. The interior of this coffee shop features wood paneling, brick walls and huge windows, so line up for coffee and a croissant and grab any table. Stumptown Coffee Roasters are very popular in the coffee industry and supply beans and cold brewed coffee to many coffee shops around the country – feel free to try any coffee drink here. With you, you can take a pack of coffee, a branded mug and a bottle with the same cold brew, which has a bright citrus flavor and sweet notes of ganache and praline. The grains in this drink come from Central and South America, East Africa and Indonesia.

Another location for this coffee shop is at the Ace Hotel on 18 W 29th Street. The best thing to do here is take a coffee to go and try to find a seat in the hotel lobby. This is a corner of calm, tranquility and bohemianism in the middle of a big city.

Greecologies – 379 Broome Street

A small coffee shop in the East Village is a great place to take a break after shopping or walking around the Italian Quarter. Here it is recommended to take branded Greek yogurt in earthenware and, of course, coffee! You can try the unique Rose Matcha Latte. Taste for an amateur, but it’s worth the risk for the sake of a new experience and a beautiful photo – it is also very photogenic. There is quite a lot of space inside, beautiful marble tables and soft sofas. In good weather, you can sit at a long wooden table in the adjoining courtyard among trees and garlands, but you have to sit on wooden boxes.

Intelligentsia Coffee – 180 10th Ave at 20th St

Nestled near the must-see High Line Park, this coffee shop is worth a visit if only for the ambiance: it’s located in the lobby of the beautiful High Line Hotel. If the weather permits, you can grab a coffee in the trailer and stay on the terrace, enjoying the shade from the trees and the sounds of New York. The inside is no less beautiful: good coffee and pastries, subdued lighting, a touch of antiquity and many interesting details. And after such a break, you can see the Google office and wander around Chelsea Market.

BLANK SLATE | coffee + kitchen – 121 Madison Avenue

The name speaks for itself: this is more than just a classic coffee shop, but a place for breakfast or a popular brunch among Americans, but at the same time with excellent coffee. Here people eat and chat with each other, and do not sit for hours at their MacBook. Get ready that it will be crowded, noisy – and very tasty. Breakfasts are served all day, so you can not run for a morning bagel or granola, but calmly walk along the nearby Fifth Avenue, look at the Empire State Building and only then have a good meal.

Devocion – 69 Grand St., Brooklyn

Once in Brooklyn after crowded Manhattan, you feel the spaciousness not only on the streets but also in coffee shops. Everything is here: metal structures, lined bricks, and a wall with living plants. Space, light and air, huge leather sofas, books and posters, yellow mugs and, of course, coffee itself – all this can make you come back here, even if there are a dozen more coffee shops nearby. Here you can try coffee of various preparations, including drip, pour over, French press, espresso drinks and kyoto cold brew. Coffee beans arrive directly from Colombia 10 days after harvest. It’s worth coming here, if only because it’s Williamsburg – it will be interesting to watch the locals of one of the most fashionable areas in the world.

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