7 Reasons Why Music Fans Love Bruno Mars

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The music scene always has many top-rated music stars, even when it’s going through a non-productive artistic period. The reason being is that every generation has its own highly talented musicians and singers. Still, it rarely happens for a superstar to take the spotlight and surprise the entire world.


One such superstar is Bruno Mars, and even though he has been worldwide famous for years now, he still is at the top of the list when it comes to performers. Many aspects show that, from his best-selling albums, fans all over the globe, the massive demand for Bruno Mars concert tickets, his collaborations with other stars, etc.


Therefore, we will address the seven reasons why music fans love Bruno Mars aside from those mentioned above. So, let’s begin the journey.

Mars Brought Funk Back

The general opinion for funk music is quite similar to punk music – it’s dead. Well, this is not true for both music genres, and when it comes to funk music, Bruno Mars decided to make it popular again, and guess what, he made it happen.


Music critics often say that it’s not true that there are no more fans of funk music, but unfortunately, there aren’t many funk musicians, which is true. But once Bruno created songs with funk music, it was evident that many people hooked on them right away. Of course, the best example is Uptown Funk, which shows how charismatic Mars is since he was a guest on a Mark Ronson song, which made it even more popular.

Bruno Mars Can Dance!

Another reason fans love Mars is that he can move his hips like no other performer today. In fact, it’s fair to say that he brought dancing back as well among male performers since we don’t even remember when was the last time someone hit the dance floor like Bruno.


Also, besides his music videos, dancing is a huge part of the Bruno Mars concerts. What is even more interesting is that he is so good at dancing without needing a choreographer; it seems so natural and easy when he does it!

He Makes Classic Rock Covers

It is known that Bruno Mars is a talented musician that combines a variety of music genres, but he also likes to make covers. Why? Because he was working as a cover musician when he was starting out and has stated that for $100, he would play for four hours in a pub. Nowadays, he gets to do it for fun and for his fans.


If you buy Bruno Mars tickets, you might get a chance to see him perform some classic rock songs such as Fire by Jimi Hendrix, songs by the legendary Led Zeppelin, and many others. In fact, he even performed together with the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Super Bowl XLVIII halftime show back in 2014.

Mars Is Focused on Music, Not the Drama

Bruno Mars actively avoids drama and celebrity feuds, which means that he doesn’t perform for fame and the red carpet show but for the love of music and his worldwide fans.


He has a normal life, and when he is not busy recording at the studio or having concerts, Mars spends his time privately with his long-time girlfriend and his dog. You know, the usual normal stuff, family, friends, things that matter the most. Bruno and fashion model Jessica Caban have been together since 2011.

His Shows Are Extraordinary

Bruno may be famous for his unforgettable music beats, but he is also highly popular for his showmanship. Both fans and music critics love his retro-style performance, and the Bruno Mars live shows have a lot of dancing, costumes, combined lights, and a large band in order to make every aspect of the show beautiful.


In addition, you won’t find many other performers that have people in their concert audience that don’t know the songs so well. This happens because even people that don’t know his tracks or don’t listen to Mars often go to his live performances since the show is extraordinary. T

Mars Was Elvis

Yes, you read that right; Bruno Mars was Elvis Presley as a kid since he used to impersonate him as a child growing up in Hawaii. He performed alongside his family in a Vegas-style show, so no wonder why his today’s performances are so electrifying.


Interestingly, his father wanted to call him Elvis, so at age four, little Bruno became one of the youngest Elvis Presley impersonators all over the globe.

He Is Multi-Talented

Last but not least, Bruno Mars is multi-talented, and he has proven this from the beginning of his music career. It’s maybe too much to say, but there isn’t anything that Mars can’t do when it comes to music. He started as a songwriter for other musicians, and he still writes today. He can dance, his singing voice is impressive, and he can play various instruments.


These seven reasons are more than enough proof not to waste any more time and buy Bruno Mars tickets as soon as possible to enjoy his electrifying performances!

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