8 Places to Travel for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

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Over 12 million American households have a motorcycle parked in their garage.

Motorcycle enthusiasts are die-hard fans of taking their beloved machine across the country to discover breathtaking scenery. Perhaps you’re desperate to rev up on your next adventure, but you’re not sure where to go.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are eight must-see spots.

Pacific Coast Highway, California

When you’re traveling via motorcycle, you mustn’t miss out on the Pacific Coast Highway. This 123-mile road stretches between Monterey and Big Sur, offering sweeping views of the rugged coastline.

As you venture further south, you’ll find yourself amidst looming redwoods, pine forests, and cascading waterfalls that tumble into the ocean. And don’t forget to visit Pfeiffer State Beach, the land of purple sand, and mesmerizing sea caves you can explore.

Beartooth Highway, Montana, and Wyoming

One of the top motorcycle trips in the U.S is zooming across the Beartooth Highway that separates Montana and Wyoming. This route is distinctive, as it’s the highest elevated road in the Rocky Mountains filled with endless hairpins and switchbacks, a dream for motorcyclists.

Beartooth Highway starts at Red Lodge, Montana, and climbs to the Beartooth Pass (at a staggering 10,000 feet) in Wyoming. You’ll be amazed at the alpine meadows and the pale blue lakes that reflect the majestic mountains.

But it’s important to note, this route is only open from the Spring to Fall because of heavy snowfall in the winter months.

Hudson Valley, New York

When riding a motorcycle, you want unforgettable views, plenty of coffee pit stops, and smooth roads. Luckily, the Hudson Valley route accommodates this, starting from Yonkers to Albany.

As you cruise down the 80 miles of road, you’re spoiled with views of the Hudson River, wineries, and quaint villages with fantastic eateries.

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah

Stumped for motorcycle vacations? Then, snake around the 124 miles of unreal scenery that travels through Bryce Canyon and the Petrified Forest State Park.

Motorcyclists are rewarded with rainbow-colored canyons, cliffs, and mesas for the entire duration. Depending on your experience, there are several roads you can take, perfect for those keen on motorcycle safety.

Pro tip: Give yourself two days for this trip and rise early to catch the mesmerizing sunrise.

Going-to-the-Sun Road, Montana

Montana’s beloved route is the only smooth road that slips through the Glacier National Park, arguably the most picturesque in the U.S. Although it’s only 50 miles, riders are promised multiple twists and turns to make the journey more exciting.

Starting in Saint Mary, on the eastern side, you follow the loop as you descend from Logan Pass to Lake MacDonald. Two hours later, and you’ll reach the West Glacier on the other side.

Note, Going-to-the-Sun Road is only open from June until October because of the freezing temperatures in the winter. And make sure you start your journey early to avoid the motorhome traffic jams.

Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina and Virginia

Otherwise known as “America’s Favorite Drive”, the Blue Ridge Parkway is a mountainous route that passes Civil War battle sites. Then, you gradually ascend into the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, where riders can enjoy the smooth Blue Ridge Parkway.

Immerse yourself in the Appalachian scenery filled with wineries, hiking trails, and orchards. It takes two days and, if you’re after a longer adventure, take the 105-mile Skyline Drive through Virginia’s National Park.

Florida Keys

Florida lovers must take the 113 mile stretch from Key Largo, on the mainland, to Key West, following Highway 1. The most beloved part of the route is the bridged Overseas Highway section where you’re surrounded by endless blue.

Spend a day ambling around Islamorada, the top spot for angling. And you must browse the indie stores at Artisan Village before loading up on fresh lobster. You should also check out the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, where you can see the local’s conservation efforts to protect sea turtles.

But regardless of where you go, here’s everything to know about contacting an accident lawyer should a problem arise.

Tunnel of Trees Road, Michigan

Take the Tunnel of Trees Road, Northern Michigan’s M-11 highway, for an unforgettable ride.

Named after the tapestry of hardwoods and evergreens overhead, the route offers forest landscapes and breathtaking vistas of the lake. A bonus is you can enjoy this trip all year round, as each season has something magical to offer.

The area is steeped in rich history, from the Native Americans to the 19th-century church at Middle Village. Also, head to Pond Hill Farm, a family-owned market that offers fresh produce and an eccentric range of preservatives.

You must also discover Michigan’s artistic scenery, which is celebrated in Cross Village. It’s even possible to attend a class or workshop to hone your skills. And, if you have time, continue North from Cross Village to discover Sturgeon Bay, a pristine beach that is fantastic for an afternoon stroll.

If you have time, stay overnight and dine in Harb Springs where you can gaze at the marina and the colorful boats.

These Are the Top Places for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know the top places for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Make sure you check out the Pacific Coast Highway, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Florida Keys route for an unforgettable time. Before you go, check if you’re visiting in the right season and give yourself enough time to immerse yourself in the local culture. Happy riding!

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