A Guide to the Best Podcasts and Books on How to Deal With Grief in 2024

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Fifty-seven percent of people grieve for a loved one lost more than three years ago.

Despite being a universal experience, grief can often feel isolating. Many fall into an overwhelming void of guilt and anger, even to the point of feeling physical pain.

Anyone who has dealt with grief has heard the same mantra: “You’re not alone.” It can feel frustrating to hear this repeatedly, but it’s crucial to understand it.

Many have voiced out their experience through podcasts and books on how to deal with grief. Whether you’re dealing with the loss of a friend, family member, pet, or relationship, these resources can provide solace in your darkest moments. Read on to learn more.

The Best Podcasts

464 million people worldwide listen to podcasts. These online audio programs are accessible for learning, entertainment, and emotional support.

1. Griefcast

Hosted by comedian Cariad Lloyd, Griefcast is an award-winning podcast. It examines the human experience of grief and death through interviews. Griefcast features candid conversations often laced with humor. 

Griefcast delves into personal stories in each episode. It explores how people navigate their grief, offering a sense of validation. Griefcast fosters emotional healing, reduces stigma, and helps the interviewee feel understood.

With a comedian host, the podcast stands out for blending humor with the profound topic of grief. Griefcast has had a diverse range of guests with different perspectives to make it insightful.

2. The Grief Coach

If you want to hear from experts, The Grief Coach is the ideal program. 

Brooke James, a grief educator, started the podcast after losing her father. Through this program, James strives to remove the taboo surrounding talks about death. The Grief Coach covers diverse topics, from dealing with sudden loss to managing holiday grief.

Brooke takes on a more practical approach to dealing with grief. The Grief Coach brings in experts such as counselors and therapists. These guests provide actionable advice and expert insights into the best grief coping strategies.

By bringing in experts, you can get actionable advice and expert insights. Grief counselors, therapists, and authors often guest, discussing grief coping strategies.

3. Terrible, Thanks for Asking

Losing a loved one is devasting. However, the pain becomes unmatched if you lose a parent, a partner, and a child in a year. Nora Mclnerny shares her experience with grief on her podcast Terrible, Thanks for Asking.

Aside from telling her story, McLnerny started the program to give people a platform. It is an avenue where people can share their experiences of losing someone. Encouraging individuals, the program teaches you to be honest about your feelings. 

McInerny invites guests where they immerse themselves in raw conversations. This provides a sense of solidarity and understanding. The authenticity and emotional depth of the podcast turn each episode into a compelling story. 

With an emphatic approach, Mclnerny can connect with guests. She offers listeners comfort, reminding them that they are not alone in their grief.

4. DeadTalks

DeadTalks.net is one of the best grief podcasts that features dialogues with people who are in the middle of their grieving journey. David Ferrugio leads the discussions to demystify death and encourage open conversations.

DeadTalks.net stands out for its straightforward approach. It discusses grief and death with no filters. To break the stigma, the program promotes open dialogue around loss, making it a refreshing and informative resource.

The Best Books

Books are another great resource for dealing with and coping with grief. They often enclose the experiences of the authors with grief or insights of experts. Here are some of the best books on dealing with grief.

1. The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion

Losing a partner can lead to profound feelings of yearning, loneliness, and numbness. As a testament to her experience, Joan Didion shares her story in her book The Year of Magical Thinking. 

Its meticulous narrative captures the sorrow of loss. As the reader, its content provides a clear, unflinching look at grief. Her ability to identify the nuances of an emotional journey offers a sense of validation.

2. It’s OK That You’re Not OK by Megan Devine

Megan Devine combines personal experience with professional insights. Her book offers a compassionate guide through grief.

In It’s OK That You’re Not OK, we view grief through the lens of a professional who is also grieving the loss of a loved one. This book challenges common wisdom about grief by promoting an honest approach.

3. The Grieving Brain by Mary-Frances O’Connor

Have you thought about the science behind grief? In The Grieving Brain, neuroscientist Mary-Frances O’Connor provides a scientific explanation of grief. It explains how the brain processes loss and why grieving is a complex experience. 

Aside from scientific research, the book shares real-life stories of grief. It offers readers a deep understanding of their responses to this profound emotional response.

If you seek to understand the groundwork of grief, this is the book for you. The insights provided can help you demystify the experience of loss. Thus, providing you with valuable knowledge and comfort.

4. Conscious Grieving by Claire Bidwell Smith, LCPC

One of the best books on how to deal with grief is Conscious Grieving by Claire Bidwell Smith. It is a therapeutic guide that encourages readers to handle grief. As a licensed clinical professional counselor, Smith offers exercises, meditations, and reflections to process grief.

The book teaches mindfulness and intentional grieving practices for dealing with loss. It provides a unique approach to readers on coping with grief. With its compassionate guidance, this is a valuable resource for those who are ready to begin healing.

The Best Podcasts and Books on How to Deal With Grief

Dealing with grief is a personal journey, but you do not need to face it alone. To help you navigate the process, the resources highlight practical opinions and advice. They are invaluable companions for anyone seeking support through their journey of grief.

From Griefcast to Conscious Grieving, get a hold of the best podcasts and books on how to deal with grief today. Grief takes on many forms, and, likewise, there are many ways to cope. Check out our other blog posts for more guides on dealing with complex experiences.

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