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WordPress is the simplest platform where you can create your own website with ease. It is basically a CMS (content management system) which enables you to organize multiple aspects of your website without the technical know-how of coding. It enables the user to create a website even who are not web developers. This article provides complete guidance to the beginners of How to Use WordPress.

What are the types of Websites that can be created on WordPress?

In the past years, WordPress was basically a tool used for creating blogs, rather than utilize it to create websites. But, in the recent times, with the introduction of different themes and plugins it is possible to create the website of your choice with WordPress. The different websites that can be created with the use of WordPress are mentioned below:

    • Business Website: The presence on online platform through website can benefit various businesses. If you are willing to create a website that can make the customer have a look on what the firm has to offer, then WordPress is the best platform.
  • Blogs: The blog website is currently in trend with the people more interested to gain knowledge about different things. The blogs can be related to reviews, tutorials, food, images, and much more.
  • Portfolio Website: The talent of designing, art, etc. can be displayed through portfolio website.
  • E-commerce Website: It has become very easy to purchase goods or services from an e-commerce website and make online payment through safety payment modes. It is very easy to download a WordPress E-commerce plugin to manage the online store.
  • Membership Website: The website enables the viewing of content only to the individuals who are members of the community via paid subscriptions or membership packages.
  • Forum Website: It is the platform that serves to the users who are in quest to pose a query and provide assistance.

How to Use WordPress to create a Website?  

WordPress is the most popular content management system used currently with its ease to use and create a website for multiple individuals and owners of small and large businesses as per their requirement. The steps involved to create a website using WordPress are mentioned below:

  • WordPress Plan Selection

Choose a WordPress plan to initiate the process of creating a website on and not on, as it allows you to select from the different plans they offer. If you opt for, you have to select the only free plan available that requires purchase of domain, host, themes, plugins, and much more involved with your WordPress website.

  • Selection of Domain Name and Quality Web Hosting Provider

The selection of domain name and hosting provider both occur almost at the same time in the process to create a website. If you have opted for, then you need to create domain name and search for a 3rd party hosting provider whereas in, they allow the customization of domain name but provides assured quality hosting.

  • Install WordPress

If you have opted for a 3rd party hosting provider then is it necessary to install the content management system to establish the connection between the website and the customized domain. Once the setup of domain is complete after installation of WordPress, the next step is to organize the primary domain that you want the viewers to look at when they search for your domain name. Follow the steps mentioned to complete the process.

  • Theme Selection

There are multiple themes and templates which allows the customization of your website with different layout, fonts, format, color, and other options. The customized appearance as per your website requirement will appeal the client base. There are a number of themes and layouts to select from depending on the type of websites like e-commerce, portfolio, blog, forum, membership, business, etc. that is suited to the particular need. Once the theme is selected, install the theme and start the customization following the steps involved in the process.

  • Add content to website

The contents added to the website mostly appear in the form of posts. The pages and posts are used to place the latest content, may it be a blog or any other content at the top. The pages have a static format and have a large appeal to the businesses whereas the content remains in the same place. Click on Add New in Posts where you can customize the title, Meta description, add images, and much more. Save draft if you have more to customize in future or select publish to make the post live.

  • Website formatting

There are many ways to customize your website beyond theme selection. The site title, tagline, address of URL, E-mail, etc. can be formatted in the general settings. In the reading settings, the user can modify the settings as per the need. If the website is of a business owner, he may prefer to have a static mode whereas a blogger may prefer the content to be updated at the top of the featured content. It is also possible to customize the navigation bar and make it appear how you want it to be.

  • Installation of Plugins

Plugins are a part of software that enhances the WordPress functionality and improves the user experience. There are around 50k+ plugins available for use depending on the type of use. Select the Plugins section in the admin mode which will display the already installed plugins in the website. To get more benefits you can add new plugins by getting into the Add New section and choosing the desired plugin.

The creation of website with the use of WordPress is an easy task and it enables the use of various additional features to upgrade the website to reach the target audience. The knowledge provided in this article about How to Use WordPress is the guide for the beginners to create the desired website.

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