Benefits of an L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

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Outdoor kitchens are becoming incredibly popular across the United States. Just five years ago, an estimated ten percent of homeowners had outdoor cooking and entertainment areas, and that number has been surging ever since. Additionally, another ten percent have plans in the works to have an outdoor kitchen installed. On top of that, almost 50 percent are interested in expanding their outdoor cooking options. Those with set-in-stone plans and vague aspirations alike have plenty of options to choose from in terms of designs, materials, and features.

Finding the Right Layout

Homeowners also have several layouts to consider when planning their outdoor kitchens. Many choose a standard layout with everything set up in a neat row. That’s certainly one way to go, but it’s not the only solution. Quite a few people are veering toward a classic L-shaped design. There are several benefits of an L-shaped kitchen. Read on to learn more about why this might be the best choice for an exterior living space.

Added Convenience

Convenience and functionality are major factors to keep in mind when designing an outdoor kitchen. After all, most people want to simplify the cooking and cleaning aspects of the experience. If everything is laid out in a straight line, preparing food, cooking, and cleaning up the mess require a great deal of running back and forth. An L-shaped kitchen, on the other hand, keeps everything a bit closer, so people can enjoy half the legwork without sacrificing space or extra features.

Maximizing Space

Most people have limited space to work within their backyard or on an existing patio. One of the first steps in maximizing space is to calculate the square footage of the area the outdoor kitchen will be occupying. That’ll pinpoint the amount of space available to contribute to the outdoor kitchen. From there, it’s a matter of determining all the features and fixtures that can be included. As most contractors, homeowners, and other authorities can testify, L-shaped kitchens allow homeowners to make the most of the space they have.

Bringing Everyone Together

One of the main reasons people enjoy cooking and entertaining outdoors is being able to socialize with friends and family members. Gatherings like these offer many benefits, but it’s important to have a space where everyone can mingle comfortably. An L-shaped outdoor kitchen offers just that. People can sit around the bar and socialize with the chef while still having plenty of room to spread out without venturing too far from the crowd.

Ample Versatility

L-shaped kitchens also offer plenty of versatility. This design allows homeowners to include an array of appliances, fixtures, and other features in their outdoor kitchens. It also gives them the freedom to arrange all those elements in almost any way they want and add ample counter space to the mix. While keeping convenience and functionality in mind is crucial, this kitchen design could be considered the most versatile of them all.

An Outdoor Kitchen that Works for You

When designing an outdoor kitchen, numerous layouts are available from U-shapes to conventional straight lines. Not all designs work for everyone, but L-shaped layouts offer several benefits when compared to the alternatives. They allow homeowners to make the most of the space they have and provide a great deal of added convenience. They eliminate much of the legwork involved in cooking and cleaning while giving guests plenty of room to socialize among other advantages.

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