Best Blockchain Certification Courses for Beginners in 2023

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The sudden spike in demand for blockchain talent globally has fuelled discussions about the essential resources required to develop blockchain expertise. Training courses and whitepapers have served as credible options for career development in blockchain. However, a blockchain certification could serve as one of the formidable tools for fuelling your aspirations for a lucrative career in blockchain.

How? Blockchain certifications can serve the benefits of recognition and skill development alongside offering a gateway to blockchain careers. Therefore, it is important to choose blockchain certifications that can deliver value-based benefits for achieving your career goals. The following post helps you learn about the important blockchain certifications for beginners in 2023.

Popular Blockchain Certifications for Beginners in 2023

The business potential of blockchain technology continues to grow at a steady pace every year. As a result, organizations and new blockchain-based projects seek certified blockchain professionals to support their blockchain transformation initiatives. Subsequently, the need for top blockchain certifications has escalated by huge margins. Many of you must have different doubts about choosing trustworthy certifications for your blockchain career. Find the best answer to your doubts with the following certifications by 101 Blockchains.

  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional

Do you want to pursue blockchain training for the roles of consultants or blockchain project managers? The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional certification is an ideal choice for beginners as it emphasizes blockchain fundamentals and the business-level implementations of blockchain technology. Upon qualifying for the CEBP certification, candidates can prove their fluency in serving viable recommendations for businesses to use blockchain technology.

  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect

The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect certification qualifies as one of the best blockchain certifications for beginners right now in 2023. Why? The CEBP certification training course covers technical topics such as modeling a blockchain platform to design and build dApps and smart contracts. In addition, the certification also proves the skills of candidates in selecting the ideal systems for developing blockchain-based solutions.

  • Certified Blockchain Security Expert

Blockchain security has emerged as a strategic priority for every business and project invested in blockchain technology. The Certified Blockchain Security Expert certification is an ideal tool for specializing in best practices for blockchain security. You can learn about details of blockchain for beginners alongside the importance of cryptography in blockchain. On top of it, the certification course deals with security in blockchain at different stages. By completing the CBSE certification training course, you can validate your skills for developing secure dApps.

  • Certified NFT Professional

The list of blockchain certification courses on 101 Blockchains also features unique choices like the Certified NFT Professional credential. You can learn about the history and technical foundations of non-fungible tokens alongside their challenges and risks. Furthermore, the certification also covers the best practices for creating and trading NFTs. The CNFTP certification can serve as an exclusive addition to your blockchain portfolio, showcasing your dedication to learning about new trends in the domain of blockchain.

  • Certified Metaverse Professional

The Certified Metaverse Professional certification is another popular credential for helping you learn about emerging use cases of blockchain. It is more than a regular blockchain certification, as the CMP certification establishes how metaverse and blockchain are connected to each other. In addition, you can also learn about the other technologies which make up the metaverse. On top of it, the certification training course also emphasizes the use of NFTs in the creator economy of the metaverse.

  • Certified Web3 Professional

The most recent addition among the best blockchain certifications on 101 Blockchains refers to the Certified Web3 Professional certification. The CW3P certification focuses on how blockchain supports the foundations of web3. Most important of all, the certification also sheds light on the interplay between web3, blockchain, metaverse, DeFi and NFTs.

Bottom Line

The list of top blockchain certifications on 101 Blockchains offers exclusive choices for establishing your blockchain career. Certifications are a crucial requirement in the competitive job market for blockchain professionals. Apart from the facility of recognition, certifications also present a viable avenue for skill development. You can use blockchain certifications to develop expertise in implementing your skills and knowledge in real use cases. Explore the details of each certification on 101 Blockchains and set off on your blockchain career development journey in 2023 now.

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