Best Toddler Summer Toys for 2022

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Are you looking for ways to keep the little ones in your life busy and entertained this summer? Summer is for playing outside! We have picked a few of this year’s best toddler summer toys that will keep your kids enjoying the fresh air during the warm months of summer.

Keep reading for our list of must-have summer toys.

Ride-On Motorbike

Kids love vehicles of any kind. Whether they are foot-powered or battery-powered, moving about in a mini version of an adult’s vehicle is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon.

Nothing says summer like a ride on motorbike toy. Whether it is a BMW or a Vespa, these little bikes are great for playing outside and getting your little tike riding around the neighborhood.

These battery-powered ride-on toys are guaranteed to keep your little one off their screens and out into the summer breeze for imaginative playtime. They will dash off into a sun-kissed day of adventure.

Sidewalk Chalk

Have your toddler spend some time outside while encouraging their creativity. Kids will love bringing their imagination to life and working on their motor skills with this colorful chalk set.

Draw a picture, make a maze, or draw a game like hopscotch. Some of the best afternoons are spent drawing props for imaginative play. Whatever your toddler decides to create, the outcome will be beautiful.

Outdoor Water Table

Water tables, like the Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark, offer a cool and refreshing break from a hot day. This easy-to-assemble table is great for working on fine motor skills.

These tables are also great for introducing toddlers to STEM concepts such as cause and effect. They also help with improving their coordination. Their best attribute is providing a chance to cool off on a hot day without wasting a lot of water and just giving them time to play outside.

This toy is a joy for the senses and easy to set up and maintain. Your toddler will play with this refreshing toy for hours.


A sandbox is one of those summer toys that are a must-have among toys for outside. A sturdy, covered sandbox is a must for playing outside.

The Step2 Play and Store Sandbox is lightweight with a cover. The affordable sandbox will offer hours of imaginative play for your toddler.

The sandbox has four seats and can hold over 200 pounds of sand. With a plastic cover to keep debris out, this sandbox would make a great gift for kids of all ages.

Sprinkler Splash Pad

When playing outside in summer, water is a necessity. There is a range of options available. Anything from a sprinkler to a personal water park.

The classic sprinkler splash pad is circular with an inflated edge. The water cascades from the edge filling the center of the pool for a refreshing play area for those hot summer afternoons.

This simple splash pad is easily stored with very easy set-up. Water can be adjusted and even turned off. The pad can then be used as a small pool. A small investment for many hours of fun.

Best Toddler Summer Toys

These are the best toddler summer toys for 2022. Finding just the right summer toys will allow you to make this a memorable summer for your kids.

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