Buyers Guide For Winter Car Storage

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Whether you’re looking for gifts for a car enthusiast or trying to figure out what you need to keep your classic car in pristine condition over the winter, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best accessories for car storage through the cold months. Purchase the best car duster to keep the dust and dirt off your vehicle all year long.

Accessories for Winter Storage

Take care of your car during the winter months with these accessories:

  • Tire storage covers
  • Custom-fit car covers
  • Battery tender
  • Jack stands

How to Properly Store Cars in Winter

If you don’t have a garage, an outdoor car storage bubble can keep the elements from affecting the paint job and tires of your car. Basically, you want to store your car in a secure location. Don’t just park your car and hope for the best. Take time to prepare it for the winter.

  • Fill it up with gas to prevent moisture from getting into the fuel tank. Less air equals less moisture.
  • Add a fuel stabilizer to prevent water from separating out of the gasoline.
  • Check all fluids, including antifreeze. Change the oil before you put your car in storage.
  • Check your tire pressure and adjust to the maximum PSI. Take the tire pressure when it’s the coldest because your tires lose pressure. Park your car with jack stands or place a wood block under each tire to prevent the rubber from hardening up against concrete.
  • Invest in a couple of boxes of baking soda or desiccant for the interior to absorb moisture and odors.
  • Use a battery tender or take the battery out of the car and place it in a warm environment.
  • Block the intake manifold and remove the air filter to prevent mice from making a home in the car. Just make sure to remove it in the spring.
  • Wash and wax your car before storage to prevent dirt and grime from getting a stronghold over the winter.

If you store your car in a garage or public parking stall, use a sturdy car cover that protects the car from dings and dents. You may be able to use a dust cover if your vehicle is in private storage, but always make sure that the fabric is breathable.

Remember What You Did to Store Your Car

Track what you did to your car as you get it ready to store so you can undo anything that needs to undone. You’ll want to check your car out thoroughly in the spring for damage, even though you never drove it. Gaskets may harden over the cold months. Mice can still get in your car to make nests in the seats. Before you drive your car in the spring, you’ll want to give it another wash and wax to protect the paint job from rain and dirt.

Taking time to prepare your vehicle for winter can help you keep the car looking its best all year long. Shop for the original California Car Duster for an easy way to brush leaves, dust, and grime off your car.

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