Can Solar Panels Be Installed On A Metal Roof?

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Solar energy is becoming the most viable alternative to paying for electricity from energy companies. The United States produced enough solar energy to power nearly 4 million homes in 2022. Installing solar panels at your house is the first step toward harnessing that power, reducing energy bills, and helping the environment.

The challenge many homeowners face is determining can solar panels be installed on a metal roof. Combining the durability of metal roofing with a solar panel installation is the most effective way to improve your house’s curb appeal.

Fortunately, you’ve discovered this handy guide to the solar mounting systems necessary to install solar panels on your roof. Continue reading to find out if a home solar system is the best investment for your house today!

Can Solar Panels Be Installed on a Metal Roof?

All solar panels installed on a home’s roof require mounts and brackets to hold them. The goal is to find a setup that holds the panels in place during severe weather events and snow.

You’ll find three primary options when looking at brackets for solar panel installation. You can use penetrating mounts, ballasted mounts, or non-penetrating clamps. Each option has pros and cons to consider based on your roof material.

Penetrating mounts are the standard option used for homes with asphalt shingles. Mounting clamps are your best bet if you’ve installed a standing seam metal roof. Mounting clamps are the most straightforward way to attach solar panels to a metal roof.

Ballasted mounts are not recommended for metal roofs. They’re best suited for flat roofing that captures the angle for sunlight.

Best Metal Roofing for Solar Panel Installation

Not all metal roof designs are equal when considering solar power for your home. You could face challenges installing the panels on a corrugated metal roof. The standard solution is to use penetrating clamps like you’d use them with an asphalt shingle roof.

The drawback to that method is the potential to void your roof’s warranty. You’ll be out of luck if you suffer a leaky roof that causes widespread water damage in your home. Thin film adhesive is a viable option to avoid drilling holes into your roof.

Standing seam metal roofing is the best option if you’re determined to install solar panels on your roof. The mounting clamps will allow you to attach the brackets directly to the seams in your roof’s design. Learning the basics of solar panels on metal roof maintenance is vital.

Benefits of Solar Panels On a Metal Roof

You’ll find several notable benefits when you invest in solar panel installation costs. Finding a reputable solar company like these solar installation services in Topeka will save you money and minimize your carbon footprint. It’s a way to do your part as a responsible and empathic citizen.

Here’s a look at the top benefits you’ll gain with solar panels on your metal roof.

Clean Energy Source

The most notable benefit you’ll notice after installing your solar panels is the abundant clean energy. The sun produces a prolific amount of power, and each type of solar panel is designed to harness that energy and convert it into usable electricity.

When using solar for your home, you collect energy without producing greenhouse gases. The best solar panels are sunbathing to gather energy. It’s a much better alternative than for and harvesting fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels must be burnt to generate energy. The emissions from burning fossil fuels result in air pollution. You won’t need to worry about air pollution with your solar panel installation.

Infinite Power

Unlike with fossil fuels, solar energy is infinite. Finding ways to harness it will limit dependence on fossil fuels for lighting, electricity, and charging for electric vehicles.

It’s also possible to harvest solar energy anywhere in the world. It’s a practical energy source in the Sahara desert, Ecuador’s mountains, and Honduras’s islands. Solar energy will be available and abundant until the sun dies.

You’ll gain access to unlimited energy at no cost to the environment. It’s a much better option than burning coal or oil to provide power to homeowners.

Cost Savings

The solar panel installation costs are steep, but your panels will pay for themselves within a few years. Look for a solar panel service that provides financing options for your energy needs. You’ll save money while still retaining eligibility for the solar tax credit.

In addition to the money you’ll save, you can earn a credit on the electricity you’re collecting. If you’re producing more energy than you use, the energy companies will pay you for your surplus. It’s an effective way to make extra money monthly without doing anything.

Solar Is Evolving

The technology behind solar panels is evolving, allowing homeowners and businesses to harvest more solar energy than ever before. The average solar panel today can harvest three times the power of a solar panel from 1950.

Technology continues advancing, providing access to more efficient solar panels. Zombie solar cells are the most impressive development in the solar industry. They can collect energy in small amounts of light, improving panel efficiency.

Zero Noise Pollution

Harnessing energy is a noisy and, in many cases, destructive process. Stand near a coal mine or an active wind turbine, and you’ll hear how loud the process of collecting energy is.

Not only is the noise annoying to nearby homeowners, but it disturbs the wildlife in the area. You can limit the noise and disruptions by installing solar panels instead of using fossil fuels for your power needs. It’s an excellent alternative for your family and the environment.

Schedule a Solar Panel Installation Today

Installing a metal roof is the best move for longevity at your home, but it’s fair to wonder, “Can solar panels be installed on a metal roof?” Solar panels are simple to install on a standing seam metal roof, with clasps latching to the standing seam.

You’ll save money on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. It’s the best way to gain infinite power for your household.

Green living is more than a movement; it’s a lifestyle. Read our Lifestyle content for more tips to add to your lifestyle today!

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