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There are dozens of reasons why we love to travel. We travel to escape, relax, broaden our horizons and experience different parts of the world. For many luxury travellers, however, the most important aspect of any vacation is to experience the culture of the lands they travel to.


When not travelling for business, private travel can be a wonderful way of exploring the world and what it has to offer. The luxury of a private jet charter breaks down barriers for you to experience the world’s most celebrated museums, galleries and historical landmarks.


According to a study by VistaJet, the most artistic cities according to the number of prestigious art events that take place are as follows: –

#1 – New York – 654
#2 – London – 338
#3 – Paris – 272

The study also found that Picasso’s work alone accounts for 4% of artwork turnover, with his pieces having sold for around $103.4 million in New York last year alone. Indeed, the turnover in New York for art deals was a staggering $5.27 billion thanks largely to major auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s. But true culture is more than just how much money is being made in the art world.



When people think of culture their thoughts will initially turn to museums and galleries and there is no place in the USA with more of either than New York. There are over 100 art museums alone in the city. In Paris, meanwhile, while the Louvre might be the most famous cultural destination, there are over 30 other art museums to explore and literally hundreds of galleries. London, meanwhile, boasts not only the Tate Modern but over 300 galleries.



Where you go for your musical tourism fix will depend on your tastes. If you are more of a country music fan, for example, then Nashville is the only place to be, whereas if classical is more your style you should check out the best cities in Eastern Europe – home to history’s greatest composers. Even rock and roll fans can enjoy everywhere from London to Liverpool and Austin, Texas to Seattle. Then there’s the theatre scene to explore in New York and London where you’ll find new exciting shows being released every year.




Finally, while some might not put food in the same bracket as art and music, we’d argue there is an immense amount of culture woven into the culinary experiences offered across the globe. From the sushi bars of Tokyo to the fine dining establishments of Singapore and the street food of Thailand, to get to know a country’s food is to get to know its culture on a profound level. There is no better way to embrace a new country than to devour its local delicacy.

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