Career Potential with BFA in Fashion Styling

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In the modern world, the services of fashion specialists are in demand, and they are used not only by screen stars. Many representatives of public professions and people planning to create a certain image in the eyes of partners or competitors need advice from stylists. Quality education is essential to stand out in the competitive industry. A bachelor degree in fashion styling opens up access to a large number of creative professions.

Career Opportunities with BFA in Fashion Styling

Graduates of the best schools and universities have a huge choice of potential careers: 

  • fashion designer
  • fashion illustrator
  • textile designer
  • template developer 
  • PR specialist
  • fashion journalist 
  • fashion stylist 
  • personal stylist 
  • creative director
  • visual merchandiser

Fashion communicates through images, and this process is controlled by stylists who are knowledgeable about fashion history, canons, and trends. Coming up with ideal images of beauty, dictating what and how to wear, creating style icons, helping designers find their concept and target audience, identifying trends for several years to come, and broadcasting it to people who are not professionally connected with the fashion world — all these are the tasks of a fashion stylist.

For example, an image maker works with a personality since these professionals are engaged in creating more than just a look — they establish a public standing. Their tasks include not only crafting a pleasing appearance (hairstyle, makeup, and clothing) but also changing the person’s attitude toward themselves rather than only making them more appealing to a viewer or a voter. The image maker seeks to convey the image of the client, their ideas and roles, to the target audience that needs to be impressed.

Benefits of a Career in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry opens up a lot of opportunities for communication, travel, and entertainment, not to mention high income and personal fulfillment. The Istituto Marangoni Miami educational program effectively develops the skills necessary to work in the industry. Its graduates with BFA in fashion styling enjoy vast possibilities for career growth while living their life to the full.

1. Creative fulfillment 

One of the most obvious and attractive benefits of working in the fashion industry is the scope for creativity. Whether you’re in the business of developing fashion collections, doing photo shoots, or working in retail, creativity is at the heart of everything. The fashion industry is constantly changing, which generates plenty of avenues for the introduction of new ideas fueled by creativity.

2. Networking as part of the identity 

Everyone knows that the fashion business is unthinkable without networking. Working in the fashion world, you will learn how to easily make new acquaintances and maintain relationships, both professional and personal. 

3. Plenty of travel opportunities 

Another amazing benefit of working in the fashion industry comes from the abundance of partnerships and collaborations associated with frequent travel. It all depends on the position you hold and the size of the company you work with, but your trips can cover the whole world or at least all the regions of a country. Photo shoots, fashion shows, product presentations, or checking the work of factories — there is always a reason to travel. 

4. Bustling social life 

Fashion connoisseurs not only dress well but also throw great parties, which makes good sense. Work in the fashion industry is constant shows, presentations, exhibitions, events for VIP clients, and other special occasions. 

5. Advancement through problem-solving 

The ever-changing fashion industry is highly competitive. Brands compete with each other to deliver the best quality of their goods and present them to the public in the best possible way by generating a pour of original ideas. Many people consider the need to solve complex problems as a huge advantage of working in the fashion world. Collisions with problems keep you in good shape and do not let you get bored.

6. High income 

The industry offers a lot of opportunities for career growth and earning a solid income. The choice of professions is not limited to designers, models, and photographers. For example, you can become a fashion influencer and earn up to $12,000 for a promotional post or build a career as a makeup artist on the level of Sam Fine, who charges a minimum of $3,000 per day.

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