Casino Blackjack: How to Play and Win

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Have you been to a casino before? Maybe as a beginner or a returning player? If your answer is yes, you know how important it is to be knowledgeable about the games you want to play.  On a website, the idea is to win as many times as possible and pocket some money for yourself. If you go to a casino without a plan, you risk your bankroll and your money altogether. There are many games offered in a real money casino, like blackjack, slots, video poker, roulette, craps, baccarat, and keno. All these games are played differently, and with the correct strategy for each of these games, you can be sure to make real money in the casino. It is important to know that it does not matter if the casino is online or a walk-in casino; all these games are available.

How to Play and Win Casino Blackjack

Let us talk about one game in particular; casino blackjack. Casino blackjack is a simple gambling game played with cards. It could be one-two, four, six, maybe eight decks of cards that the dealer mostly shuffles. Nowadays, in casinos, however, the cards are professionally shuffled by a shuffling machine. So today, this article gives you tips and ideas on playing and winning casino blackjack effortlessly for both beginners and returning players.

  • The secret is in the strategy;
  • Double your bet;
  • Always keep your 10’s close;
  • Check on your streaks;
  • Sign up for any rewards in the casino;
  • Do not listen to other players at the table;
  • Do not gamble more than you are willing to lose.

When I say that the secret is in the strategy, what do I mean? Something about having a plan and sticking to it makes everything flow smoothly. First, you have to learn the basic strategy of playing casino blackjacks. Know all the cards and how many they carry in the whole game. As a player, you should always assume that the card not in your vicinity is a 10. A card with 10 points, a 10, jack, queen, and king, increases your odds. Cards 2-9 are taken as face value. Aces are special cards because they can either be a 1 or 11. These are some basic things you need to learn before playing a casino blackjack game.

The Secret is in the Strategy

If you are unsure how to play, you can always use basic strategy charts for reference. The chart will tell you when to hit, stand, split, or even double down. Using the charts often increases your odds, but this does not necessarily mean you will win. By any means possible, try and understand the game. You could even download apps at home and practice before you decide to place your money on a game you are unsure about.

In a casino blackjack game, verbal communication is pretty “unacceptable”; dealers are not allowed to take any directions players give them verbally. If you need anything done for you, it would be wise not to break the rule of the game and place your hand perpendicularly to the top of the table and wave it from side to side with your palm facing down and without moving your arm. Contrary to this, your directions will just be insignificant at the table. Another rule is if you want to double-down, put chips that are less than or equal to your starting bet. All you have to do is raise a finger to get one card. If you intend to play split, put chips up equal to your starting bet and make a sign with your fingers that indicate “peace,” extending your fingers towards the cards. Do not touch the cards in the process.

You should study some tips to understand basic strategies while playing casino blackjack.

  • Double Your Bet and Always Keep Your 10’s Close

As risky as it may sound, always aim to double your bet whenever your first 2 cards make a total of 11. you are betting to get a 10, right? So, split the pairs anytime you have a pair of aces or 8’s.

In a professional casino blackjack game, getting a 10 is everything everyone at the table wants. So if you get a pair of 5’s or a 10-value card, make no mistake splitting the cards. You should always playThe pair of 5’s as a 10. It increases your chances of getting a 10, resulting in a 20 when you are hit, winning the game!

  • Check on Your Streaks

Casino blackjack is a game that flows in streaks. It means you have to be careful how you choose to play the game. If you find yourself in your winning streak, which could be 3 or more hands in a row, it is advisable to raise your bet just a little to maximize the profits during the streak. It also applies to when you are losing; of course, not everyone wants to embrace losing but as long as your win is based on odds and guessing, then losing should also be discussed. So if you notice you are starting to lose, it is important to lower your bet to avoid incurring deep losses. At the end of the day, blackjack is just a game, and as much as you want to win, do not spend all your deposited money in a casino to benefit the house. Set the amount you wish to achieve, and immediately you hit that goal, cash your chips and walk away.

  • Sign up for any Rewards in the Casino and Do not Listen to other Players at the Table

Most casinos offer rewards for the time you spend playing a game. This extra time can help you bet more and win. Blackjack is a game that takes time if played by people who have mastered the strategy in playing the game. Sign up for the rewards and collect your points when you are done with the game. You may not have won at the blackjack table, but this, too, is winning.

Players can sometimes be intimidating; others may want to tell you how to play your hand. It is safe not to listen to them. Instead, do what you know is right according to your knowledge, and ask for help from your dealer if you need any.


When playing these casino games, a great reminder is to bet what you are willing to lose. Sometimes, luck is not on your side, maybe you just had a bad day, and your focus is not as great as it should be. So start with small bets and set a budget for your game.

Casino blackjack is a fun game. It is a game full of numbers and too much reading about the people you share the table with. As I mentioned earlier, the secret to winning these games is in the strategy. Knowing what to do and what time at the table will help you play and win casino blackjack without so much hassle.

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