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Garages are versatile spaces that go beyond just parking vehicles; they can also be used as workshops, storage areas, or even man caves. No matter how you utilize your garage, proper lighting is a key factor to consider. Good lighting not only boosts safety and security but also makes it easier to perform various tasks. With advancements in technology, LED garage lights have become increasingly popular among homeowners. But what kind of lighting is ideal for a garage? In this article, we will delve into these questions and offer a thorough guide to selecting the best LED garage lights.

Three Garage Workshop Lighting Categories to Consider

To attain garage lighting one should have several considerations. The illumination is classified into three elaborate categories as follows:

  • Ambient/General lighting 
  • Task lighting 
  • Accent lighting 

The lights play a significant role in all spaces as each holds a particular uniqueness and serves important roles. 

  • Accent Lighting

The accent lighting marks as the decoration or attention light. It helps bring attention to particular aspects and features in your space.  Accent lighting highlights that particular thing like artwork, treasure, or something special that you wish to gain attention.  

Examples of Accent lights are:

  • Puck lights 
  • Recessed lights
  • LED floodlights (for exterior use)

Accent lighting is way brighter than ambient but doesn’t surpass task lights. The recommended color temperature is 2700-3000k (warm white light) and 4000-5000k (cool white light).

  • Task lighting

Task lights are designed to help achieve a particular task. The light is concentrated on the areas where the task is taking place. Task lights best examples are reading/desk lamps, cooking section lights, or when working on a particular mechanical issue.

  • Under cabinet light
  • Rope lights 
  • LED strip lights

Though task lights focus on particular tasks they are different from accent which focus on one item. The task lighting illuminates bigger spaces like offices, kitchens, and also reading areas. The estimated color temperature is 3500-4500k and is best for high-energy locations, meaning more focus than the ambient lights.

  • Ambient/General lighting

An ambient or general light is the main source of light in a room. It’s the overall lighting that covers all areas without concentrating on a specific area. Ambient lights should be balanced to avoid challenges when moving or conducting tasks around the allocated space.  Besides the light fixtures, ambient light can also be generated from natural sources. The lights are broad as they include ceiling fixtures, floor lamps, wall lights, etc. 

Appropriate Ambient lighting should have a 2700-3000k color temperature for a warm-friendly atmosphere. The lights fit large areas like bedrooms, and living rooms and can also apply in garage workshops. However, for the workshop one needs to consider the number of Garage lights to attain enough illumination.

Photo Credit: Hi-Hyperlite led garage lights

Garage Light choices: Led garage lights and traditional lights

For lighting solutions, one has the choice to choose from a variety of light fixtures in the market. However, for long-lasting effect LED garage lights take the highest ranking.  They surpass the traditional bulbs which are effective but hold multiple disadvantages. Led lights provide significant benefits such as:

  • Long lifespan

LED lights present the fact of living longer than the standard traditional bulbs. The bulbs can give up to 100 hours or 11 years of service compared to traditional light or 8 hours per day with the possibility of serving 20 years.  

  • Energy saving

LED lights are believed to convert 80-90 percent to electricity energy and 20-10 to heat. For tradition, 20 percent works as electricity while 80 percent goes to heat. 

Garage and workshop users need to review the best choice as common shop lights come with multiple challenges.  One requires to install more to avail ample light which is expensive and wastes energy. It’s wise to settle for LED garage and workshop lights to avail durability, cost efficiency, and energy-saving factors.

Best Types of Garage Lights

  • Led Linear Strip lights

Led strip lights ribbon or strip connect with LED chips. They are in various colors and are best as decorative lights. Led strip lights are energy-saving, durable, and easy to install. The lights can be applied on the garage door, workbench, or garage doors.

  • High bay led lights (UFO high bay and linear high bay)

High bay LED lights are incredible energy-saving LED lights that are perfect for large indoor lighting. They are applicable in workshops, garages, warehouses, factories, and commercial areas. The Lights come in multiple UFO high bay, linear high bay, and more all serving unique purposes. The linear high bay is also suitable for both surface mounting and chain mounting.

  • Hexagon garage lights

The hexagon garage light takes the shape of a hexagon and is exclusively placed on walls and ceilings for lighting and decorative purposes. They are great for gym, garage, business, and home décor. 

  • Panel garage lights

Panel garage lights (LED enclosure lights) a modern lighting that illuminate high-quality light. The lights are easy to mount on walls and ceilings for even light distribution. Panel garage lights can also work well in offices, classrooms, and healthcare facilities.

  • Supplemental lighting

Supplemental lighting is lights used to enhance the light energy of the primary light source. Such as portable work lights, closet lights, etc.

Points to consider when selecting the right lights

  • Brightness

For proper garage lighting, one should check LED garage lighting that lights up huge areas without consuming more energy. One should consider lumens to assess the amount of brightness.

  • Color temperature

Different color temperatures of lighting are suitable for different environments. 4000K lighting is ideal for spaces requiring prolonged focus, such as factories and parking lots. 6500K lighting is suited for areas necessitating precise visibility, such as hospitals and laboratories. Meanwhile, 5000K lighting offers a balance of brightness and clarity, making it suitable for offices and retail spaces where a comfortable working environment is desired. 

  • Cost 

Although the initial cost of LED lights is higher than that of traditional lights, LED lights are more durable and reduce maintenance and replacement costs. In the long run, LED lights are more cost-effective.

  • Energy efficiency

Led garage fixtures have high energy efficiency meaning less power usage and great brightness.

  • Durability

LED lights have comprehensive features such as long life, energy saving, and healthy emissions. They tend to live longer and don’t need maintenance as they can survive long hours.



Q: What is the best color temperature for garage workshop lighting?

A: Between 5000K to 6500K will be the best range of color temperatures to install in your garage. This range provides bright, daylight-like quality that improves visibility while reducing eye strain which makes it perfect for detailed work and general illumination purposes.


Q: How many LED lights do I need for my two-car garage?

A: When setting up a two-car garage, at least four to six LED fixtures should be installed to guarantee proper lighting. However, this number will depend on how big your garage is and what kind of activities you engage in. For a correct layout professional assistance could come in handy.


Q: Why are LED lights better than traditional fluorescent lights?

A: There are several reasons why LED lights outperform conventional fluorescent bulbs in garages. They consume less power hence are more energy efficient leading to lower electricity bills. Additionally, they last longer resulting in lesser replacements. Furthermore, LED lamps produce brighter light with high CRI which is very essential when doing detail work, unlike fluorescent ones that flicker minimizing any possibility of fatigue and headache pains experienced by normal humans.

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